Best Activated Charcoal Soap Brands in 2022

Due to the super cleansing nature of activated charcoal, its popularity is increasing day by day. For this lots of skincare brands launched activated charcoal bar soap to take a bite of the growing market.

Now the users are getting confused to find the right charcoal soap brand for them. If you are one of them, this post is for you.

Here I made a list of the best activated charcoal soap brands. These brands are famous enough for their existing quality product and service. And their charcoal soap also gained the same reputation. This list will help to find the best one for you.

Let’s see.

01. Art of Sport

This is a dependable brand to groom men. Its targeted group is sportsperson and athlete. Art of Sport started its journey to groom and care for men with the most possible natural and safe ingredients. And it launched its first product very recently, in 2018.

Till now, in this short time, this brand is represented by famous sportspersons. It is also featured in ESPN, USA Today, GQ, Sports Illustrated, Men’s Health, and many more.

This brand comes up with lots of products to care for your skin from face to body. Among those, its activated charcoal product is market famous. It has brought both charcoal bar soap and body wash.

The activated charcoal bar soap is tremendous. It gives a deep cleansing and runs long. It also moisturizes skin with shea butter. And the tea tree oil purifies your skin.

02. One with Nature

All the products of this brand are natural. This brand is for those who love their skin and nature. It also put 100% dead sea minerals in some of its soaps. You will get quality care from the soaps of this brand.

One with nature has a different type of lucrative bar soap. Among them, the activated charcoal bar is an iconic product of this brand. It is a therapeutic soap bar to give nourishing care with proper cleansing.

You can use this bar soap for both showers and shave. It is a moisturizing bar soap with activated charcoal. It contains neem oil, aloe vera, mango butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, almond oil, and argan oil. Hope this soap will meet your needs.

03. Schmidt’s

This brand is named by its founder Jamie Schmidt. She started making her natural product back in 2010. Its product line includes deodorant, oral care, soap, home care, and kids.

Schmidt’s has two variations in activated charcoal product, bar soap and body wash. You can pick anyone you want.

Its activated charcoal soap bar is gentle and made with a natural formula. It contains activated bamboo charcoal. It also gives exfoliating benefits to your skin. This soap creates a luxurious lather for you to enjoy every shower. Vegan and cruelty-free.

04. Keika Natural

This is a Canada based skincare company. It not only care about skin but also care for nature. This brand plant one tree for the exchange of one soap sale. Their goal is to make skin and hand clear.

This is a natural soap bar for troubled skin. Both men, women, and teens can use this soap to get their skin cleaned. Bigger in size, long-lasting, and affordable.

05. O Naturals

O Naturals is a famous skincare brand serving the beauty world for a long time. Its goal is to make you clean and healthy from inside and out. It has a wide range of product lines. If you want cleansing and moisturizing care, you may choose this brand. All the products of this brand contain natural ingredients.

Its activated charcoal soap is a worthy product to get clean, fresh, and toxic-free skin. The key ingredients of this soap are activated charcoal and peppermint. It deeply cleanses skin and does a great job on acne and breakouts. Made in the USA. And suitable for all skin types.

06. The Yellow Bird

This skincare brand brings you to a chemical-free world. You will get a wide range of products from this brand. And the ingredients of these products are very close to nature. It is a trusted brand to get the safest care for your skin.

Along with all products, this brand produces varieties of bar soap. Among them the activated charcoal soap is mind-blowing. This soap is hand made. And it is produced in cold process method to give quality benefits to your skin. It works well on all skin types. But gives special care to dry and irritated skin.

07. Viking Revolution

This is a dedicated brand for men. This brand is specialized in men grooming products. It is famous for its beard and hair care products. They are awesome and trusted by lots of users.

Now Viking Revolution brand introduces some skincare products as well. Its activated charcoal soap is one of them. You can use it to clean both your face and body. It is a 100% natural and organic activated charcoal soap. I hope you will satisfy with the service of this soap.

08. Beauty by Earth

It is a mega beauty company. It has different products of different categories. And they all got a huge reputation from their users. This brand also delivers natural and organic products to care for the skin and beauty. They try to keep skin and nature toxic-free.

Its charcoal soap is one of the great products of this brand. It contains high quality activated charcoal. This bar soap not only cleanses the skin deeply but also nourishes it with proper moisturizing ingredients. You will get a different taste of shower with Beauty by Earth activated charcoal soap.

09. Sothern Natural

This is a brand for soap. If you are looking for a brand dedicated to bathing products, Sothern Natural is the brand. It is a USA based company. The signature ingredient of this company is goat milk. If you are looking for premium quality goat milk soap, knock the Sothern Natural.

Its charcoal soap is a combination of goat milk, dead sea minerals, and activated charcoal. This soap provides special care to acne and troubled skin. You also get nourishing care from this soap. Just use this soap and get a premium bathing experience.

10. Gold BJJ

This one is the different type of brand among this list. This is not a skincare brand. It is a sportswear brand especially for BJJ, jiu-jitsu, wrestling. For the hygiene of sportsperson, this brand invented an activated charcoal soap.

This is a premium quality charcoal soap with tea tree oil. It is made in the USA. It is a natural soap for gentle skin care. This soap will give you a fresh and energetic feeling If you are a sportsperson, you should give it a try.

The Last Words

These are the best charcoal soap brands in the market. You can pick anyone according to your skin need. Hope this will help you to have a short idea about the market famous charcoal brands.