The Unbelievable Benefits of Steam Shower

Benefits of steam Shower

Steam shower is not a modern invention, it was used by ancient Romans, Greeks, and many other civilizations. Today the way we took steam shower is different than them, but the benefits have not changed yet. Steam shower is not like a regular bath or shower, it is a kind of therapy. Mainly we take … Read more

Can You Use Body Wash on Your Hair or Vice Versa?

Can You Use Body Wash on Your Hair

We use body wash, shower gel, or bar soap to clean the body. And for hair, we have no other option except shampoo. Do you ask yourself ever, why this difference? Is it necessary to buy two different products to serve the same purpose; cleansing? Whereas only a few years ago, our ancestors used only … Read more

8 Surprising Loofah Soap Benefits

loofah soap benefits

Today’s shower is much more than just standing under the showerhead. There are lots of tools and skincare products available to make a shower meaningful. And loofah soap is one of them. It is a nice combination of loofah and soap. But do you know the real benefits of loofah soap? Loofah soap is awesome … Read more

Exfoliating Gloves vs Loofah

exfoliating gloves vs loofah

Taking a shower is an important part of our daily life. It helps us to stay hygiene and fresh. To make a shower perfect we usually use various tools like body wash, shampoo, shower oil, scrubber, loofah, exfoliating gloves, etc. But, sometimes we get confused by some tools. Exfoliating gloves and loofah are one of … Read more

Shower Gel Vs Body Wash Vs Bar Soap

difference between shower gel and body wash and bar soap

Our great grandparents only have horses to ride. But, we have taxi, private car, bus, train, and more. Technology gives us lots of options. And options make us confused. It is extremely true for our body cleanser. Besides bar soap now we have body wash and shower gel. We have used bar soap years after … Read more

Natural Loofah Vs Other Exfoliating Shower Tools

Natural Loofah Vs Other Exfoliating Shower Tools

There is no alternative to shower for being fresh. It not only removes dirt and impurities but also eliminates stress and fatigue. An effective shower acts as a recharger for every man and woman. And to make a shower effective some shower tools are necessary such as loofah, brush, scrubber, sponge, and lots more. All … Read more

The Ultimate Loofah Benefits and Side Effects

loofah benefits and side effects

Loofah is one of the most used shower tools in the world. It is spongy and comes in different shapes and sizes. Usually, we use it to exfoliate our body. But do we really know the benefits and side effects of using loofah? Besides exfoliation loofah has lots of skin and health benefits. I am … Read more

Alarming Body Wash Ingredients to Avoid

body wash ingredients to avoid

We are surrounded by chemicals as a form of beauty and personal care products such as body wash, cleanser, lipstick, makeup, etc. But do we actually know which chemicals are good for our skin and which are bad? As a wise person, you should know well what you eat, what you apply to your skin, … Read more

How to Have a Relaxing Bath (A Detailed Guide)

How to have a relaxing bath

Having a relaxing bath at home is not that hard. You can do it easily without taking any help from others. You just need to arrange some small items and set a proper time to take a relaxing bath. Today, I will tell you every detail of a relaxing bath. In the beginning, you might … Read more

How to Make DIY Moisturizing Body Wash

diy moisturizing body wash

Dry skin is a curse that makes your look dull all the time. And in the winter, it turns into a disaster. Hopefully, there are lots of ways to fight dry skin problems. You can use moisturizing and hydrating lotion, cream, body wash, etc.   Our skin feels drier just after a shower than at … Read more