How to Have a Relaxing Bath (A Detailed Guide)

Having a relaxing bath at home is not that hard. You can do it easily without taking any help from others. You just need to arrange some small items and set a proper time to take a relaxing bath.

Today, I will tell you every detail of a relaxing bath. In the beginning, you might think you need to go through a huge mess. But, I swear, after doing the relaxing bath once or twice, it will seem so easy to you.

Remember, in this post I tried to state all aspects of a standard relaxing bath. But, you can add or remove anything to ensure your proper relaxation. Just go through the post and plan to have a relaxing bath in next weekend.

Be Sure about Time

Time is very important for a relaxing bath. Because a relaxing bath usually takes 30 minutes to one hour to complete. And you have to do some other tasks before step into the bathtub.

So plan a relaxing bath at home when you have enough time in your hands. I prefer a weekend for it. But you can also do it on other off days. It always depends on your preference if you don’t plan to do a bath with your partner.

Clean Your Bathroom

Relaxation depends on the mind. For this, a nice view is very important. You should clean the bathroom and tub if there any spots or dirt. You can do it by yourself or hire a bathroom cleaning service.

Don’t clean the bathroom on the same day you are planning to do a relaxing bath if it seems to you it will take a huge time to clean the entire bathroom. If you do it yourself then you will get tired which definitely spoils your relaxing bathing session. So, I suggest you clean the bathroom on the previous day. And put special focus on the bathtub while cleaning. Now you are ready to go for the next step.

Make a List

To have a relaxing bath make sure you have enough time on your hands and arrange some items like flowers and candles to change the look of the bathroom. Then you need to prepare the water with Epsom salt, essential oils, and a bubble bath. Then step inside and enjoy a relaxing bath.

It is better to make a list before you start taking your very fast relaxing bath.

It’s a kind of to-do list. Because you need to gather lots of things for the relaxing bath. This list will help you to organize everything to make a perfect relaxing bath at home. Remember, this not a one-time list. You should preserve it for the next bath.

If you don’t make a list, chances are mistakenly you may forget one or two items. The problem is, if you notice the mistake in the middle of the bath, it may ruin your relaxation at all.

Obviously, this list varies man to man, my list won’t match with yours completely. Here I share my one so that it helps you to make your own list. I divided my list into four sections for easy arranging. Let’s see.

Things Required for Relaxing MoodItems Required During BathThings Required After BathNeeded Gadget
Fresh flowers in a vaseEpsom saltMoisturizersBath pillow
CandlesEssential oilsBathrobeBath caddy
Natural calming music playlistBubble bath or flower petalsClean soft and fluffy towelshower cap
Air freshener
Body scrub and exfoliating gloves
Face mask
Snacks and drinks

Pre-bath Tasks

Make Sure Stomach and Bladder is Empty

Sounds wired! But it is really important and nobody will tell you about it. You should make your stomach and bladder empty before stepping into the bathtub. For a relaxing bath, you should stay away from any sort of obstacle. Otherwise, if you notice this kind of urgency in the middle of the bath, everything, I repeat, everything will ruin.

Remove Unsightly Things

Relaxation comes from your mind. If your bathroom contains unsightly things like used clothes or towels, it will distract your mind from getting sink into peace. So, remove clothes and other unnecessary things from your bathroom.

Keep the container of shampoo and conditioner in the right order so that they look better with the overall view of the bathroom. You know nothing will calm your mind than a nice view.

Set a Satisfying Environment

set an ambient environment
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After cleaning your bathroom, you need to bring some mood-boosting items to your bathroom. These things are small but play a very important role in a relaxing bath.

The first one is fresh natural flowers. I love flowers like everyone else, hope you do also. Don’t hear anybody’s suggestion, bring the flowers you like most, put them into a flower vase, and keep it in a place where you can see the flowers while bathing.

The next item is the candle. The candlelight is soft and will give you a divine feeling. It also brings a spa-like environment to your bathroom. So, bring some candles and light them before starting your relaxing bath.

There are colored and colorless candles available in the market. You should buy them according to your preference. But, don’t use scented candles, because it will mix with the aroma of essential oils and could create a mess.

The slightly darkish environment brings a peaceful feeling to your mind. It also relaxes your eyes as well as your mind. To get this environment, you should dim the light.

Bring an air freshener with the aroma you like most. It removes the damp scent of your bathroom and relaxes your mind. A few spray shots are enough for this.

Clamming natural music will low volume will calm your mind from anxiety and tension. It could be rain sound, birds chattering, water flow, or forest sound. You can find them easily on YouTube or Soundcloud. Just play one while bathing to relax your mind and body.

Ensure Right Water Temperature

Water temperature is very crucial for any type of bathing. Bathing with warm water is always enjoyable. It relaxes your muscles and soul. But too much warm or hot water could damage your skin conditions. It removes the natural oils from your skin and makes it dry and harsh.

And bathing a long time with warm water is also harmful. As you are going to enjoy a relaxing bath, you need to stay in the bathtub in-between 30 to 60 minutes. It is a longer time than the regular bath.

In this situation, I suggest you using warm water at a lower temperature. It should slightly warmer than normal water to ensure a warmish comfort to your body.

Make Your Bathtub Ready

Now your bathroom is ready for a nice relaxing bath, but not your bathing water. You have still some works to do with the water you are going to bath. Let’s see.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are familiar with their numerous benefits. You can make your relaxing bath more beneficial by using some essential oils. It allows you to bathe in an aromatherapeutic environment.

There are different types of essential oils available in the market. You can use one or several essential oils for the bath. But, you should know the specific benefits of specific essential oil before using it for a relaxing bath.

I personally prefer lavender essential oil for its nice scent. Lavender oil has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It relaxes sore and tense muscles. You can also use eucalyptus, cypress, or lemongrass essential oils for this purpose.

For soothing sensation, no essential oil beats peppermint. To get relief from headaches, you can use clary sage essential oil.

Put 8-10 drops of essential oil(s) into the bathwater to give your relaxing bath an aromatherapeutic perspective. If you are first-timer of using any of those essential oils, do a patch test before putting them into water. It will help you to know whether your skin is sensitive to the essential oils or not.

Mix Epsom Salt to Water

Epsom salt is well known for its muscle relaxing properties. It is a magnesium-rich salt highly beneficial for skin and health. It works great on sore muscles and joints. You can use it to remove tiredness from your body and mind.

Just put 2 cups of Epsom salt into the bathtub and dilute it well into the water. It is better to pour Epsom salt when you start filling the bathtub. It lets the Epsom salt dilute easily without spending extra time.

Use Bubble Bath or Flower Petals

You can choose any one of these two options. A bathtub filled with white snow-like bubbles looks really nice. You can buy a bubble bath or use a homemade DIY bubble bath recipe. Even you can use body wash to make a bubble bath very easily.

On the other hand, you can use flower petals if you want a spa-like feel while taking a relaxing bath. Rose petal is the most used item for this purpose. And the fresh red rose is used vigorously. You can also use other flower petals according to your preference.

You will get different types of feel from these two items. But the choice is yours. If you want my suggestion, try one after another.

Set Bath Caddy and Pillow

Without these two bath gadgets, you could not able to enjoy a relaxing bath. The bath caddy helps you to place the items over the bathtub with which you will spend the relaxing bath session. It includes books, snacks, juice, and a smartphone with a playlist of natural music.

There are lots of bath caddy available in the market. Among them, I prefer XcE Bathtub Caddy Tray. Because it has lots of space and options to use. It will give your bath a luxurious look.

How to have a relaxing bath

On the other hand, a bath pillow is a must-have item for a relaxing bath. It allows you to rest your head and back for enjoyable comfort.

Put Snacks and Drinks on Bath Caddy

During this bathing time, while reading your favorite novel, a bite on snacks and a sip to fruit juice will give a different taste. So, put some light snacks and fruit juice on the bath caddy. It will make your mind fresh and let you enjoy the bath with full pleasure.

Block Disturbing Elements

Make Your 30-40 minutes bathing time a me-time. Tell your family member not to call you during this time if there were not any urgency. And turn off your cellphone network to block incoming calls.

Tasks During Relaxing Bath

During bath tasks

A relaxing bath should have Zero tasks. Because you need a complete rest, otherwise how could we call it a relaxing bath.

After setting all the things in the right place and playing the natural music, step into the bathtub, rest your head and back on a bath pillow, close your eyes, and loosen all the muscle of the body. And feel the relaxation. Forget everything in the world except this relaxing bath.

After 10 minutes open your eyes and take the book and start reading if your mind allows. Take some snacks and sip the drinks to get some energy inside. Hope you will have a memorable bath today.

Apply Face Mask (If necessary)

While taking a relaxing bath you can also take care of your facial skin. You don’t need to spend extra time on it. Just apply a face mask 10-15 minutes prior to finishing your bath. You will get a glowing face with a relaxed mind and body.

Scrub Your Body (If necessary)

The dirt and impurities of your body get soften due to soaking the body a long time into the water. This allows you to have a nice exfoliation. If you want you can exfoliate your body just before step out of the bathtub. Use a body scrub or exfoliating loofah for this purpose.

After Bath Tasks

There is nothing special in the after-bath task. Just do what you do after a regular bath. Pat your body with a towel to dry. You should also make your hair dry.

The most important after-bath task is moisturization. As you stay in the water for a long time and additionally if you do a scrubbing, your skin will get dry. To overcome this, you should moisturize your skin properly just after finishing the bath.

You don’t need to use special moisturizer for this, use your regular moisturizer. You should use different moisturizers for the face and body. Use body lotion for your body and moisturizing cream for face.

After that wear a bathrobe and wrap your hair with a fluffy towel. Now sit on an easy chair and enjoy your time with a hot drink like coffee.

The Last Words

Hope now you know how to do a relaxing bath. If you do it once or twice a month, you will able to enjoy your life with a fully fresh mind and body.

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