How to Take a Shower Properly (In-depth Guide)

It really hurts if you know the way you have been taking shower for so many years was wrong. Once I was there where you are right now. Don’t worry, still you can fix it.

A proper shower is much more than just using soap and water. If you want healthier skin, shinier hair, and a fresh mind, you need to go through some specific process. And they are very easy, just be conscious of them.

Today I will tell you briefly how to take a shower properly. Just go through this post and try to do what I said here. Hope you will enjoy this post and your next shower.

Pre-shower Preparation

Pre-shower preparation is a bunch of tasks you should do before step under the showerhead. Some of them may common to you. Because we usually do these tasks unconsciously. Hope this will help you to be more conscious in the next shower.

Calm Your Body

This is for the people who need to take a shower after doing intense workout or hard work. This time the temperature of the body remains high. You should make your body calm before stepping into the shower.

Just wipe sweat with a towel and take 5-10 minutes short rest. If you step into the shower with an unbalanced temperature, it could hamper your health.

Comb Your Hair

It isn’t necessary for men. But women should comb her hair before a shower. It will prevent hair tangling during the shower.

Some people prefer hair oiling before a shower. You could do that but not regularly, once a week is good enough.

Undress Yourself Properly

Sounds funny? Let me clear.

It is very simple. Put off the dress and keep it in a separate place. Don’t mix it with the cloth that you need to wear after the shower. If necessary wash the dirty cloth with detergent.

Remove the jewelry from the body. It could chain, ring, bracelet, etc. Jewelry doesn’t hamper your shower experience. But, the shower materials like shampoo and soap will damage the condition of your ornament.

Along with jewelry, please remove glasses or contact lenses from eyes and watch from hand.

Check the temperature

It is the most important task before the shower. A hot shower isn’t good for your skin. It strips away the natural oil and makes your skin harsh. Go for lukewarm water if you are in cold weather.

But in humid and hot weather you should use normal water. Sometimes you can use cold water for the shower.

To check the water temperature, use your wrist rather than hand. Because the skin of the wrist is sensible than hands.

Just remember the water temperature with which you feel comfortable, use that.

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Face and Hair Wash

You should start shower from the upper parts, face, and hair. Be very careful while washing your face and hair, because they are the most visible parts of your body and the sign of beauty.

Face Cleaning

Most of the time a shower lasts for 10-15 minutes. And it is not possible to do a complete facial cleansing in this short period of time. If you want to do a vigorous facial cleansing, please choose another time.

I think face cleaning is huge work. It includes a face pack, scrub, cleaning, toning, etc. If you do any of those, it will make your shower longer.

In shower time you can just use a face wash to clean excess oil and dirt from the face. It takes less than a minute to complete the facial wash. After doing this, you have all the time to focus on hair and body.

Shampoo Your Hair

It is a very important part of the shower. Here you need to care both of your hair and scalp. Every day your hair has to face oiliness (sebum), dust, pollution, and the direct contact of sun rays. To keep your hair safe from those you should wash it carefully.

The best way to clean hair is to use shampoo. But, don’t use it every day, twice or thrice a week is good enough. The most important thing is you should pick a shampoo that could meet the needs of your hair. Everything will ruin if you failed at it.

Before washing hair, make sure you know your hair types and problems well. And you should buy hair products according to your hair type.

Now wet your hair with plain water for 0.5-1 minutes. It will soften the dirt of hair and scalp. Then put shampoo on hair and massage with hands to create lather. Make sure all the hair strands get the touch of shampoo.

After creating the lather wait for 2 minutes. Meanwhile, you can massage your scalp with a massaging brush. It will remove the dead skin cells and stubborn dirt from the scalp. Don’t do it every day. Massaging scalp every alternative day is good enough. And be gentle while doing this. Aggressive massaging could damage your scalp skin.

Now thoroughly wash your hair with normal water. Comb your hair with fingers to wash away the single trace of shampoo.

Use Hair Conditioner

Using a conditioner is a nice way to care hair. It makes the hair soft, moisturized, and tangle-free. The most common reason for hair conditioning is hassle-free hair combing.

There are various types of conditioners out there and the application of conditioner depends on those types. Common conditioner types are cleansing conditioner, leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner, etc. Most of the people use a leave-in conditioner or deep conditioner.

You should apply the conditioner after doing shampoo and wash off after a couple of minutes. For deep conditioning, you can keep it up to five minutes. But, before applying squeeze your hair to remove excess water.

Besides, people also use conditioner after finishing the shower. Here the conditioner remains on the hair till next shower. So, use conditioner as the way you feel comfortable.

Cleaning Body

After completing the work of upper part, you should move down to the body. You need to careful here, as you are going to wash a huge area.

First of all, stand under the showerhead for a minute. You will get two benefits here. One is your body will adjust with the water temperature and another is the dirt and impurities get soften.

For a quick shower, if you are in a hurry, just take a washcloth or loofah and pour body wash on it, and do scrubbing on those parts are prone to dirt build-up. It takes nearly one minute to finish. Then wash off the body with water. But, if you have 10-15 minutes, the story will be changed completely.

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Time will allow you to do a vigorous cleansing. Take a washcloth and create a lather with body wash. Now start massaging your body, from shoulder to feet. It takes 1-2 minutes to complete.

After massaging your body do exfoliation if you need it. Use the most effective tool for exfoliation, loofah. Wet the loofah first, pour body wash onto it, and create lather to start exfoliation.

Keep focus on some specific body parts that are prone to dirt build-up like shoulders, decollate, underarms, elbows, groin area, knees, and feet. And be very gentle to exfoliate the delicate areas. This entire task may take 5-10 minutes.

Remember, you don’t need to exfoliate the body every day. The general exfoliation routine is once or twice a week. Now wash off your body thoroughly and pat dry with a towel.

After finishing the shower, you can do shave if you want. It is an ideal time for shaving. Because, after a shower, your beard becomes soft enough to get a smooth shaving.

If you want to do some other tasks while shower like shaving underarms, cleaning groin area, and scrubbing heels, it is wise to pick a weekend for those.

Moisturize Skin

It is very much important to do moisturization after every shower. Because, after a shower, your skin becomes dry due to the use of body wash. And your skin feels tight due to the dryness.

The only way to overcome this problem is proper moisturization. You should use one which is light and suitable for your skin type. It is better if your moisturizer not only hydrates the skin but also creates a protective layer to prevent moisture loss.

If you don’t want to moisturize the entire body, at least moisturize those body parts that remain uncovered for the maximum time.

And use separate moisturizer for your face and body.

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After Shower Hair Care

After the shower, our hair tends to get frizzy. That’s why we need to care about it just after finishing the shower.

Before everything, you should remove excess water with the help of a towel. Don’t rub your hair aggressively. Just pat towel and rub gently to remove excess water. If you want to wrap hair with a towel, wrap loosely.

After removing excess water, use a leave-in conditioner if you don’t use during the shower. But the amount should be very little.

If you don’t want to use conditioner, use hair serum or moisturizing spray. It will help to detangle your hair with a healthier look. After that, use a wide teeth comb to comb your hair.

The Last Words

Taking a proper shower isn’t rocket science. The process of taking a shower properly is already known to you. Just don’t be hurry and be careful while taking a shower.

That’s it.