The Ultimate Loofah Benefits and Side Effects

Loofah is one of the most used shower tools in the world. It is spongy and comes in different shapes and sizes. Usually, we use it to exfoliate our body. But do we really know the benefits and side effects of using loofah?

Besides exfoliation loofah has lots of skin and health benefits. I am sure you are not familiar with most of them. Even I didn’t know these benefits before. One day I started searching for which type of loofah is best and what are the benefits for personal use. Then I get to know and am amazed.

Anyway, today I will tell you the hidden benefits of loofah and some side effects. It will encourage you to use a loofah to improve your skin condition. You will also know what should not be done to avoid the side effects.

Let’s see.

Loofah Benefits

General Benefits of Using Loofah

01. Ensures Great Exfoliation

Exfoliation is the main purpose of using a loofah. Its abrasive texture helps you to have a nice exfoliation during the shower. It easily removes the dead skin cells, dirt, gunk, and other impurities from your body. You also get relief from the stubborn dirt stuck in the skin pores.

Thus a loofah opens up the closed pores and lets your skin breathe well. The new and stronger skin reflects your beauty with its freshness. Every time after scrubbing the body with loofah you will feel energic to start a new day with full energy.

02. Helps to Get a Soft Skin

Shedding dead skin cells over the skin is a natural process. It happens every day. As a result, our skin surface turns into a rough texture. To overcome this, there is no alternative to an effective exfoliation. And a loofah does that job for you. It washes away the dead skin cells from the topmost layer and brings the soft skin in the front. Regular exfoliation will give you the baby-like soft and glowing skin.

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03. Promotes Cellular Regeneration

Cell death and formation is a natural and regular process. Dead cells accumulate over the topmost layer of the skin. If your skin has a huge layer of dead skin cells it hampers the growth of new cells. Finally, your skin may suffer from a rough texture. And in extreme conditions, it will develop fine lines and wrinkles.

Regular exfoliation with a loofah is the best solution for this problem. If you remove the dead skin cells through exfoliation, your skin will get enough space for the newly growing cell. Thus exfoliation promotes cellular regeneration and gives you a rejuvenated look. You also get anti-aging benefits with the help of loofah exfoliation.

04. Safe

Most of the loofah out in the market are natural. And there is no use of chemicals and other artificial ingredients for manufacturing natural loofah. It is completely hygienic to use again and again if you clean it properly after use. And don’t share your loofah with other members of the family. This will keep you safe from being infected by other’s diseases.

If you use an artificial or plastic loofah, chances are your skin may be affected by harsh chemicals. Because cheap loofah may contain harsh chemicals and skin-damaging colors. To stay safe from this buy a colorless plastic loofah from a renowned brand. Remember, safety always depends on your awareness.

05. Gives Different Exfoliation Options

Literary there is no limit in the loofah variations. You will get them in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are suitable for the age group of kids to adults. You can use a loofah on different skin types including sensitive skin.

Loofah is suitable to use on all parts of the body including the hands, feet, back, knees, elbows, etc. But I don’t recommend it to use on the face.

06. Ensures Effective Cleaning

It is one of the major benefits of loofah. There are lots of cleaning options available to clean our body including soap, cleanser, scrub, etc. But, no one gives me satisfactory cleaning that I get from a loofah. It effectively removes stubborn dirt, oils, and dead skin cells without creating damage to my skin surface. It helps me to get back fresh and radiant skin again and again.

07. Doesn’t Cause Skin Damage

Natural loofah is an awesome exfoliator with a unique property. A dry loofah feels harsh and hard when you touch its surface with your hands. But after getting in contact with water its surface hardness will decrease slightly which makes it suitable for gentle exfoliation. This is the reason, natural loofah keeps you safe from scratch, inflammation, itching, nicks, and cuts.

Besides, you should exfoliate your skin gently to avoid any sort of skin damage. If your action is aggressive, nothing can keep you safe. And don’t use a loofah on your dry skin.

08. Easy to Use

Using loofah to clean your body isn’t rocket science. It is very easy even a kid can do it smoothly. Just soak your loofah, pour the body wash or shower gel on it and exfoliate your skin gently. That’s it. After using, clean your loofah properly, make it dry, and hang it on the wall.

09. Creates Rich Lather

Nobody can’t imagine washing the body without lather. I think your feeling is the same as others. Here loofah does an awesome job. Loofah helps to create dense huge lather while exfoliating your body. Besides boosts up your mood while taking shower, lather also does some other tasks. It softens the dirt and impurities to make them easily washable. It also reduces the friction between loofah and skin.

10. Cheap

Loofah is cheaper than any other body scrubber. It is cheap in price but not in quality. If you buy a body scrub it generally costs almost double a loofah. And it doesn’t last long as loofah does. I think if you want to save money loofah is the only option to choose.

Loofah Benefits for Health

01. Promotes Blood Circulation

Loofah not only exfoliate your skin but also ensures mild massaging. The surface of the loofah is abrasive and has tiny ups and downs. It creates a gentle pressure that increases the blood circulation inside your skin. As a result, your skin gets optimum nutrition to function well and stay strong.

If you have cellulite underneath the skin, massaging with loofah also helps you to break down that cellulite. Not only that, loofah helps you to relax your skin as well as the mind in a fresh mood.

02. Eliminates Toxins from Skin

It is an indirect benefit of using a loofah. You already knew the exfoliating power of loofah. It removes stubborn dirt from our skin and opens up the pores. Open pores help to drain the sweat from your body easily. And sweat carries toxins from the body which is very harmful to us. The toxin is responsible for various health and skin disorder. I would like to coin it as an additional benefit of loofah.

Different Types Loofah Benefits

Natural Loofah Benefits

Most of the loofah users like a natural loofah. It is because natural loofah gives all the benefits of loofah. It is completely safe and gives awesome exfoliating benefits. You can pick natural loofah without any hesitation.

Artificial or Plastic Loofah Benefits

The main advantage of artificial loofah is it lasts longer than natural loofah. It also comes in different colors to enhance the look of your shower room. But, don’t use cheap plastic loofah as it may contain toxic chemicals and colors which are harmful to the skin. Another demerit of plastic loofah is it is harmful to our environment. I always suggest using natural products to stay safe in a safer environment.

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Egyptian Loofah Benefits

Egyptian loofah is superior to general loofah because of its quality. It is highly recommended by dermatologists for its super exfoliating and skin-caring nature. Usually, the Egyptian loofah is wider in diameter, longer than other loofahs, and has flexible fibers. Its fibers are thin and that’s why It feels soft after water contact. Besides all these, Egyptian loofah creates much lather comparatively to other loofah types.

Side Effects of Loofah

From my point of view, there is no side effect of loofah itself. Two side effects of loofah that we usually found are the result of our activities. If you don’t clean loofah and dry it properly after use, it would be a breeding ground of bacteria. secondly, you should not exfoliate your skin aggressively with a loofah. Otherwise, it will damage the topmost layer of your skin. So, be careful while using a loofah, you will be completely safe.

The Last Words

That’s all for today. Hope you enjoyed my post. If you want to know any specific shower tips, let me know. I will obviously share if I know that well. Thanks.