Best Wax Warmer Kits for Unwanted Hair (in 2022)

Going to a salon for waxing is time-consuming and costly. Sometimes you need to wait for their tight schedule. But you can easily escape from this situation by using a wax warmer kit at home. And it cost you less than a single waxing session.

The market is flooded with various types of waxing kits. Some are good and some are average. You should pick the best waxing kit to get the best result.

Today, I will show you some best wax warmer kits. They are highly effective, made with quality materials, and trusted by lots of users. I also share what you need to consider before buying the best waxing kit.

Best Wax Warmer Kit Reviews

01. Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit

best wax warmer kit

In terms of waxing kits, Gigi is a brand of trust. It is the best-selling waxing kit on Lots of users use Gigi’s waxing kit and they reflect its effectiveness in their reviews.

With this kit, you can get professional waxing finish at home. In this kit, you will get a nice professional wax warmer, Brazilian hard wax, some applicators, pre-wax epilation oil, and post-wax cooling gel. This waxing kit is great to remove the coarsest hair from your body. You can use this kit to wax your face, body, and bikini area.

This wax warmer pot can hold 8oz to 14oz hard wax. I think it is enough to do a complete wax for a small part of your body. This wax warmer not only melt your wax fast but also helps to adjust the temperature of melted wax. This wax warmer has a see-through lid which helps you examine the condition of the wax without opening.

Besides warmer, its other products are really good to do wax effectively. This Brazilian hard wax is made with gentle formula and vitamin-rich emollients. Its olive oil and soybean keep your skin soft and moisturized. And you don’t require any muslin strip to wax.

Its pre-wax epilation oil and post-wax cooling gel do an awesome job. The pre-wax oil conditions and protects your skin. And the after-wax gel soothes and moisturizes your skin with menthol and aloe vera. With the Accu-edge tip of the applicator, you can apply the wax preciously while waxing eyebrows.

You can use this Brazilian wax to the entire body (face, hand, leg, underarm, groin area) even on your sensitive skin. This waxing kit can meet all the needs of estheticians and waxing professionals. You should try this to make yourself more beautiful.

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02. Tress Wellness Wax Warmer Kit

best wax warmer kit

This wax warmer kit comes with everything you need to do a professional wax at home. Not only its wax heater is great, but also other materials are formulated to give maximum benefits to your skin. You can use it to wax your face, eyebrows, body, hands, legs, underarms, and groin area.

This waxing kit contains a wax heater, 5 bags of wax beans, pre & post-waxing spray, 20 waxing sticks, 10 eyebrow waxing sticks, and 5 protective rings.

This wax heater helps to control the temperature with a digital display. Its temperature is ranging between 86°F-257°F. It contains a removable aluminum pot. This wax heater has a transparent lid that helps you to check the condition of the wax without opening.

The wax beans of this kit melt at low temperatures. That’s why it doesn’t hold high temperature which may burn your skin. This wax bean is FDA approved. It smoothly pulls off your unwanted hair without inflammation.

This waxing kit also contains pre and post waxing spray which cares and nourishes skin to minimize the damage of waxing. It has two different types of applicators to ensure easy application. It helps to apply the wax to any body part preciously.

You can use this waxing kit professionally or personally. Use it and get a salon-like waxing result easily at home at very low cost.

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03. Bella Verde Wax Warming Kit

best wax warmer kit

After a professional waxing session, you will get a celebrity like smooth look without any trace of unwanted hair. And Bella Verde wax warmer kit offers you that look you can get easily at home.

This waxing kit contains a wax warmer, 4 bags of scented Brazilian hard wax, two sets of applicators, and an after-waxing oil. All these are good enough to get a salon-like waxing at home. And definitely it saves some bucks.

Its wax heater looks nice. You can adjust the temperature of the wax easily with the regulator. You can melt up to 17oz wax bean in this wax heater at a time. Like other best wax warmers, it has a see-through lid.

Its hard wax beans are lavender scented. It will freshen your mood while waxing. This wax bean also helps you to pull off the unwanted hair from its root. It is very simple and effective. Both women and men can use this waxing kit to enhance their beauty. And other tools also help you in every step during waxing. You will get a spa-grade waxing easily at home. I assure you, it is a worthy wax warmer kit.

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04. KoluaWax Hair Removal Waxing Kit

Waxing kit for unwanted hair

If you need to wax your body regularly, KoluaWax kit is a great tool for you. It is made with high-quality material for frequent use both professionally and personally. It is usable for both men and women

Its wax warmer is CE and FE approved, and ISO certified. And it is wired with copper for long-lasting support. You can change the temperature as you want with a user-friendly regulator. It also has a transparent lid on top and anti-slip rubber pads at the bottom. With its removable and nice aluminum pot you can melt up to 17oz wax beans. This wax warmer is suitable to melt all kinds of wax.

Besides the durable wax warmer, you will get 4 bags of wax bean, 10 large applicators, 10 brow applicators, skin conditioning pre & post wax oil, and a detailed user manual. Its wax beans are divided for three different uses – wax for face and eyebrows, wax for the whole body, and wax for the bikini line.

This kit is awesome. You don’t need any strip to wax. You can get a hair-free smooth body whenever you want. Just use this kit to explore your beauty.

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05. Makartt Wax Melter Hair Removal Kit

Wax melting kit

This is a basic waxing kit. If you want an effective wax warmer at an affordable price, this is for you. And if you like purple, it will charm you. It comes with a nice box so that you can gift it to your lovable one.

In this kit, you will get a wax warmer, 4 bags wax bean, and some big wooden applicators. This wax warmer doesn’t compromise quality. It is made with 100% copper wire and molded in updated ABS heating assistant. Its hard wax bean is also FDA approved.

You can control its temperature as you want. Its temperature is ranging from 60°C to 100°C. It also has a nice see-through lid to protect the melted wax from contamination.

This waxing kit is great to do wax at home. It melts the wax fast and lets you do a waxing session within a short time. Use this kit right now to save time and money.

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06. Lifestance Wax Warmer Kit

best wax warmer kit

Lifestance waxing kit offers you an idle waxing session at home. You can get salon-quality waxing results with this kit. Its hard-wax bean is FDA approved and melts quickly. Suitable for both men and women.

With this kit, you will get a wax warmer, 3 different types of wax bean, 20 wooden spatulas, and 5 protective rings. You can use this kit for multipurpose body waxing.

Its chamomile hard wax beans are great for face and fine hair, lavender wax beads are specially made for men’s chest and back, and violet wax beans are suitable for the entire body including hands and legs. These beans are FDA approved and made with quick melt technology not to burn your skin. They are specially made for sensitive skin.

The look of the wax warmer is nice. You can maintain its temperature as you want. And it is small enough to carry while traveling. I think you will be satisfied with this waxing kit.

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07. Pro-Wax100 Waxing Kit

best wax warmer kit

This is a light but durable wax warming kit usable for girl, women, and men. This portable waxing kit is great to wax your face and body for a smooth appearance.

Here you get 1 nice wax warmer, 4 bags of wax bean, and some wooden applicators. You can use them to do a waxing session easily at home.

The appearance of the waxing kit is nice. It is perfect to melt different wax bean such as hard wax, soft wax, loose wax, canned wax, microwavable wax, etc. It also has a temperature controller and a see-through lids.

Use this kit to make yourself beautiful and save money to buy something special.

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Buying Guide

Apparatus of the Waxing Kit

It is better if you buy a waxing kit that has all the apparatus you need to do a waxing session at home. Otherwise, you have to buy them separately. Usually, a perfect waxing kit contains wax warmer, wax beans, applicators, pre & post waxing gel or spray, protective ring, and a user manual. So you should give priority to those kits which have all these things. Price of these kits are little high, but you will get all of them in a place. In total, it saves both your time and money.


Determining warmer capacity is very important before buying. It depends on which purpose you will use the warmer. If you provide waxing service in your salon, you need a wax warmer with large capacity. On the flip side, small one is enough if you want to do waxing personally at home. Usually personally used wax warmer capacity ranging from 8oz to 16oz. I think it is enough for personal use. Bigger than this size will waste your wax and electricity.

Updated Features and Quality

Generally, a wax warmer contains a temperature controller, led indicator, aluminum pot, and power cable. It is almost same for every wax warmer. Some updated wax warmers have a digital temperature display. It will help you a lot while controlling the temperature. Some also have an auto-shutdown system to prevent overheating. It keeps your skin safe from burning. A see-through lid is very important for a wax heater to examine the condition of the melted wax. And almost every wax warmer has it.

Don’t compromise with quality if it cost much. It will save lots of money in the long run. As it is a heater, make sure the wire is made of 100% copper. And it is better if the warmer is made with ABS heating materials.

Temperature Control

All wax warmer has a temperature controlling system. It helps you to maintain the temperature of the wax and melt various types of wax. Some have three level of heating system – low, medium, and high. But, the updated warmer has the thermostat heating system where you can control the temperature as you want. Generally, it ranges from 160°F to 240°F.

Wax Bean Types and Quality

In the wax warming kit you will get some wax beans. Most of the wax warming kit provides hard wax bean. Hard wax bean is mainly used to uproot the coarsest hair from the bikini line, underarms, hands, and legs. Some kits also provide different types of wax which are specially made for face and eyebrow waxing. You can also buy different waxes if needed.

It is better if the wax melts at a low temperature. Some wax also contains skin-nourishing ingredients. You should consider all these before choosing the right wax bean.


Different types of applicators are required to apply wax to different body parts. The regular wax applicator is used to apply wax on the entire body except for the eyebrows and face. For eyebrows waxing, you should apply wax preciously. Here you need an accu-edge wax applicator.


The price of the waxing kit is not too much. It varies from $20-$40. I suggest you not to compromise quality for the price.

User Reviews

If you buy a waxing kit online, don’t forget to read some user reviews. It will tell you the actual scenario of the kit. Because they are the best judge.

The Last Words

Beauty builds confidence. And you can enhance your beauty by removing your unwanted hair. Hope my listed wax warmers will help you in this. Please, let me know how you use the wax warmer kit and the result.