How to Get Rid of Acrylic Nail Fungus (Love Your Nails)

Acrylic nails, simple fashion accessories that give a sexy and glamorous look to the hands. But, sometimes beauty brings disaster. Your nails have more chances of fungal infection if you wear acrylic for fake nails for a longer period. To avoid this unwanted situation, you should know how to get rid of acrylic nail fungus.

Today, I will share you how to treat nail fungus from acrylics. And you should not delay a single day after noticing the sign of nail fungus. Because it is very easy to cure if you can detect early stage fingernail fungus from acrylic nails.

And here you will know what are the causes of nail fungus under acrylic nails, and some preventive tips as well.

Let’s see…

Cause of Nail Fungus After Acrylic Nails

Improper Nail Setting

This is one of the major causes of acrylic nail fungus formation. Improper acrylic nail installation creates a gap between the natural nail bed and the artificial nail. Water or moisture may get stuck under acrylic nails and make a nice habitat for the fungus. And the temperature of your fingers lets the fungi grow more. So, always go to professionals to set acrylic nails, and the time when you want to remove them.

How to get rid of acrylic nail fungus

Alteration in Natural Nail Bed

To set acrylic nails on natural nails, you need to do some work on your nail bed. You need to push and cut cuticles and buff the surface of the nail bed. This buffing removes the shiny protective layer of your nails. And it is also responsible for the formation of fungus under nails after acrylics.

Poor Hygiene Practice of Salon People

You should very careful about this. Most of the cheap nail care salons don’t sterilize the tools that they used for your nails. They use the same tools for the customers again and again. Thus, nail fungus can spread from one person to another. So, choose a salon that sterilizes their nail care tools every time after use.

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Damages of Natural Nails

Most people set acrylic nails for 2-3 months. At this time, your nail can get damaged accidentally. If you don’t remove the artificial nail immediately, it will cause nail fungus and infections. Sometimes, it is not possible to identify the damaged nails under fake nails. And fungus will grow there without your concern.

Wearing Acrylic Nails for a Long Time

The maximum time length of wearing acrylic nails should be 2-3 months. If you wear them longer, you have more chances to grow nail fungus from fake nails. So, don’t keep the acrylic nail over your natural nail for a long time. Remove them within the time with a professional. And give rest to your nails for 2-3 months if you want to install acrylic nails once again.

How to Get Rid of Fingernail Fungus from Acrylic Nails

Remove the Acrylic Nails

It is the first step you should do when you notice fungus under acrylic nails. Without removing the artificial nails, you cannot do anything to the fungus. It will help your nails breathe in the open air. It removes the moisture that stuck between the nail bed and the acrylic nail.

Now clean your natural nail bed to remove all the impurities and glue from it. Check the condition of your fungus-infected nails and trim it as much as possible. Don’t hurt your fingers. And don’t install another set of acrylic nails until your nails completely get cured.

How to get rid of acrylic nail fungus

For nail care, I love ZIZZON Professional Nail Care kit of It is a must-have nail care kit for those who want to care for nails at home. It contains 12 pieces of kits made with high-quality steel.

Practice a Good Nail Hygiene

After removing acrylic nails, you should maintain proper nail hygiene. Otherwise, the nail fungus may spread all over your nail. Wash your hands regularly after work with an anti-fungal soap, and don’t forget to dry them properly.

Cut down the fungal infected nails as the new nails grow and push the damaged nail in the front. Don’t use the same nail clipper to cut healthy nails.

Use Nail Repair Pen for Fungus Under Artificial Nails

This is the easiest way to repair fungus-infected nails. It is a handy tool to care for and repair damaged nails. Literary you can use it just like a pen. Most importantly it minimizes the wastage of products. There are several brands out in the market you can choose from. But, if you want my recommendation, I will tell you to buy Ariella Nail Fungus Treatment Pen.

How to get rid of acrylic nail fungus

This nail repair pen is highly effective and got huge positive reviews because of its awesome quality. It contains potent ingredients to give your nail a new life. Besides fungal infection, it also solves discolored, thick, and brittle nails. You will get the visible results within 2-4 weeks. Just use it 2-3 times a day and see the changes to your nails.

Acrylic Nail Fungus Home Remedies

Use Vinegar

This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of fungus from acrylic nails. You can use either white vinegar or apple cider vinegar for this. Both are highly effective for their anti-fungal and anti-bacterial nature.

Just take a small glass bowl and put some vinegar into it. Now dip your finger into it for 15-20 minutes. You should do it every day once or twice to get rid of nail fungus from artificial nails.

Use Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is well known for its anti-fungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. You can use tea tree oil to get rid of nail fungus from fake nails. It stops the growth of fungus on your nails and prevents further spreading.

Using tea tree oil is completely safe. But, you should use it by mixing with other carrier oil like almond oil. Mix 1-2 drops of tea tree oil with 10-12 drops of carrier oil. Apply that oil mixture on your fungal infected nails 2-3 times a day. And do it every day until you get cured.

Use Listerine Mouthwash

Listerine is a renowned mouthwash to all. But, Listerine also used for various skin and health care purposes because of its antibacterial and antifungal benefits. It works great on the fungal infected nail by stopping the growth of fungi.

The using procedure is as same as the vinegar. Just take Listerine mouthwash into a glass bowl and dip your fingers into it for 10-15 minutes. Do it every day, and you will get a positive result within a couple of weeks.

Use Essential Oils

It is really great for fungal infected nails. There are various types of essential oils available in the market with the ability to treat fungal infections. Among them, thyme, cinnamon, clove, and lemongrass essential oils are great to treat fungal nail infections. You can also use peppermint, geranium, and eucalyptus oils for this purpose.

Like tea tree oil, you should use essential oil by mixing with other carrier oil. These essential oils stop fungus growth and prevent future fungal attacks.

Use Topical Anti-Fungal Cream, Ointment, or Solution

Using topical fungal cream or ointment is another way to treat the fungal infection with acrylic nails. It could be water mold or green fungus, along with a general fungal attack. There are lots of OTC topical treatments for nail fungus available in the market. They are less costly and easy to use.

How to get rid of acrylic nail fungus

You can buy them from a local medicine store or online. If you buy them online, consider previous user reviews. For topical use, you can buy Foot Cure Nail Fungus Treatment as an anti-fungal treatment. It is #1 Best Seller in the Nail Fungus Treatment category on This nail care solution contains tea tree oil and oregano oil as key ingredients. It repairs damaged nails and cuticles.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is another option to treat fungal nails. In laser therapy, the fungal strains are destroyed by laser rays. It becomes popular day by day. But, the long-term effect of this treatment is not well examined.

Oral Medication

In some cases, oral medication also used to treat fungal nail infection with acrylic nails. Terbinafine (Lamisil) and itraconazole (Sporanox) are the well-used drugs to treat fungal infection. But, don’t use them without consulting your doctor. Because it needs to diagnose the condition of the fungal infected nails and set the dose accordingly.

How to Prevent Acrylic Nail Fungus:

  • Go to the professionals to set up acrylic nails.
  • Make sure the tools used for nail treatment is sterilized.
  • Disinfect your natural nails before setup the acrylic one.
  • Use top-quality products for the installation of acrylic nails.
  • Don’t set up acrylic nails if you have to submerge your hand for a long time every day.
  • Don’t wear acrylic nails over 2-3 months.
  • Give rest to your nails before installing a new set of nails again.
  • Remove the nail with a newer one if it gets loosed.
  • Don’t set up artificial nails if there any allergic reaction to the skin near the nails.
  • Make sure your nails are enough healthy to set up acrylic nails. For this, you should consult with a specialist.

The Last Words

A pair of beautiful clean hands reflect one’s personality. So, be very careful about your nails. They always deserve a caring touch from your end.

Be happy and be gorgeous.