How to Make Your Own Airbrush Foundation at Home


The popularity of airbrush makeup is getting high day by day. It gives a nice, natural, and flawless coverage which isn’t possible by traditional makeup. But, the only thing that pulls down from the regular use of airbrush makeup is its price. What if there is an alternative to commercial airbrush makeup? Is it possible?

Yes, you can make an airbrush foundation at home with some easily available ingredients. It will give you nearly the same finish of airbrush makeup. It would be the cheapest alternative to the commercial airbrush foundation you can use regularly.

And its preparation is very easy. It doesn’t require lots of equipment and doesn’t let you go through any sort of mess. Let’s see.

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Benefits of Homemade Airbrush Foundation

It’s Cheap

I think one of the main reasons of not using airbrush makeup by all is its price. The airbrush foundation kit is quite pricy. And the extra foundation set also cost you much when you need to buy it again and again. In this situation, a homemade airbrush foundation can give you relief.

Easy to Prepare

Don’t think you need lots of apparatus and ingredients to make your own airbrush foundation. It is so easy that you can’t imagine. You can make it with 4-5 easily available ingredients. I am sure all the ingredients already exist in your house.

Making a homemade airbrush foundation takes very little time. You can prepare it just within five minutes. You can also store it to use in the future.


Here, you are the only BOSS. You have all the liberty to adjust the ingredients and color to meet the needs of your skin. You can also adjust the consistency as your preference. It will help you to get sheer or full coverage. And the best part is you can control the shade of the foundation according to your skin tone.

You Know What are In

It is not fully possible to know what your commercial airbrush foundation is made with. But for the homemade airbrush foundation, you know better what is in than any other else, as you make this by your own hands.

You can use skin-friendly and natural ingredients to make an airbrush foundation at home. It not only gives you an attractive look but also cares about your skin. You can also add or remove ingredients according to your skin types. If your skin is dry, you should increase the quantities of moisturizing ingredients like glycerin.


It is a homemade airbrush foundation. Don’t expect accuracy at the first time. Like airbrush makeup, it will take some trial and errors to get the expected outcome. Besides, it will disappoint you if you expect the finish like a commercial airbrush foundation. You will get almost the same finish but not exact. It just a homemade airbrush foundation that is undoubtedly cheap and safe.

What You Need

The amount of this recipe is for 2-3 sessions. If you want to make a large quantity, increase the amount of the ingredients according to the proportion.

  • 2 teaspoons cornstarch
  • 1 teaspoon glycerin
  • 2 teaspoons baking soda
  • 3-4 teaspoons vinegar
  • Distilled water (as required)
  • Concealer or foundation matching with your tone.
  • Small plastic bottle or storage jar (for large quantity).
  • 2 small metal balls.

Making Process of Homemade Airbrush Foundation

It isn’t a tough job. You can make your won airbrush makeup at home just less than 5 minutes. At first, you need to make the base of the foundation.

To make the base, take a small glass bowl put the vinegar and baking soda into it. Stir them with a spoon or fork to mix well.

Now put the cornstarch and glycerin into the base and stir thoroughly until it turns into a whipped consistency. Fork or spoon is good for this. But, for large quantities, you should use an electric mixture. It takes 1-2 minutes to get the desired consistency. Make sure this mixture is free of lump and air bubbles.

You know airbrush makeup is thinner than traditional liquid makeup which makes it suitable to spray with the airbrush stylus. Now you have to make the whipped mixture thinner. To do this mix the distilled water slowly. A dropper will help you with this. And you should stir continuously while putting the water drop into the mixture. Stop when you get your desired consistency.

Now put the foundation to get your desired shade. Do a spray test on the white paper by pouring it on the airbrush stylus. If you are happy with the result then your homemade airbrush foundation is good to go.

Now pour the foundation into the plastic bottle and put the metal balls into it. These metal balls help to blend all the ingredients again while you shake before pouring the foundation into the airbrush cup.

Store the ingredients into a dry or cool place for further use. I personally prefer to store in the refrigerator.

The Last Words

That’s it. I will only succeed if my work can help you look beautiful in the simplest way. Let me know how you get benefitted with this homemade airbrush foundation.


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