How to Shave Underarms without Darkening

Shaving is one of the best ways to get fresh and attractive underarms. It takes less time and cost very little. And you can do it easily at home. But, it can cause underarm darkening if you don’t shave underarm properly.

You can do it easily by considering a few things. Today I will tell you how to shave underarms without darkening. And here you will know the shaving faults responsible for dark underarms. If you follow all the steps, I assure that your underarms won’t get darken anymore by shaving.

How Does Shaving Cause Dark Underarms?

Shaving can create a dark patch to your underarms. You can avoid it if you know how does shaving cause underarm darkening. It helps you to limit those practice and keep your underarm free of unsightly dark color. Let’s see.

Frequent Shaving

It is one of the main causes of dark underarms. It is necessary to shave underarm to stay hygiene and attractive. But, frequent shaving can create nicks and scratches which darken your armpits. And too much shaving also responsible for ingrown hair. So, don’t shave more than once a week to avoid unwanted darkness.

Dry Shaving

Some people use razor directly on the armpits without water or any shaving gel. Don’t do this. It is really harmful to your armpits and causes darkening and other skin problems.

Using Blunt Razor

A blunt razor creates more friction with skin than a sharp one. This friction damages the topmost layer of your armpit skin. And, with time, your underarm skin loses its fairness.

Using Low-quality Saving Products

Don’t think underarm doesn’t require quality products like your face. Your armpit skin is as sensitive as your face. It deserves special care. Low-quality shaving products cause underarm darkening. The ingredients of low-quality cream or foam can create tingling sensation or irritation. Finally, it changes the color or your armpit skin.

Shaving Direction

It is not a major cause, but it can make you underarm dark. Shaving in the opposite direction of underarm hair growth is responsible for razor bump and ingrown hair. Thus, it creates dark spots in the underarm skin.

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How to Shave Underarms Without Darkening

Don’t panic by reading the previous section of this post and stop shaving your armpits. You can shave your armpits for your entire life without creating any sort of darkness or color patches. Just, you need to maintain some easy rules while shaving. Let’s see…

Don’t Shave Too Frequent

As I said before, frequent shaving causes dark underarm. That’s why you need to limit your shaving. You shouldn’t shave your underarm hair more than once a week. It keeps your underarm safe from razor burn, nicks, and ingrown hair. And after shaving, your armpits get enough time to repair the damages caused by shaving.

Use a Sharp Razor

how to shave underarms without darkening

This is the most important precaution of safe underarm shaving. A sharp razor can cut your armpit hair smoothly with less friction. You are free to choose any of the razors made for male or female. But, I prefer the razor with multiple blades. These types of razors keep your armpits safe from cut and scratch.

My favorite shaving razor is Schick hydro 5 sensitive razor. It is a five-bladed razor with hydrating gel pads for extra protection. And you can also change its refill whenever you want.

Besides using a sharp razor, you should also swap the razor time to time. If you use a razor for month after month, it will lose its sharpness.

Use Quality Shaving Gel

I always recommend to use shaving gel instead of shaving foam or cream. Shaving foam has a tendency to dry the skin. And shaving cream will clog the razor blade. On the flip side, shaving gel is quite skin-friendly compared to others. It helps to glide the razor smoothly on the skin. You can use Edge shaving gel for this purpose.

Effective Shaving Process

This is the main part of this post. Now you have all the things for shaving. But, if you don’t shave your underarms properly, you don’t get the expected result. Let’s see the step by step process of how to shave underarms without darkening.

Step 1: Wet the Area

You should wet your armpits before shaving. It is better to use lukewarm water. Because, warm water helps to open the hair shaft of your armpits. But, I always prefer to shave the underarms at the mid-shower. This time my armpits are wet enough to do a perfect shave.

Step 2: Apply the Shaving Gel

Now apply shaving gel in both underarms and wait for a minute. It will soften the hair of your underarms and ensure smooth shaving.

Step 3: Do the Shave

Now rise up your hand to keep your underarm skin tightened. Pick the razor and start shaving. Always glide the razor according to the direction of the hair growth. Glide the razor blade gently. Don’t press too hard. By doing this, you can avoid cuts, razor burn, and bumps. And wash your blade after every wipe.

Do this till your underarms are completely free of hair. Some untraceable thin hair may remain in the underarm. Give special focus on this. After completing the shave, wash the underarms with cold water. It will shrink the pores of your underarms. And don’t forget to wash your razor thoroughly with water and keep it in a dry place.

Moisturize Underarms

It is very important to moisturize underarms after shaving. Proper moisturization will keep your underarm soft and hydrated. It also helps to recover the damages caused by shaving. Use a moisturizer made for sensitive skin.

The Last Words

That’s all. Hope you can now shave your underarms properly to give it an attractive look. And avoid the other causes that are responsible for underarm darkening.

Be clean, confident, and attractive.

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