How to Thicken Homemade Body Wash

Homemade skincare products are always better for our skin. It is completely free of harmful chemicals that you could find in conventional skincare or personal care products. That’s why homemade products or packs are awesomely safe for our skin.

One of the major problems we usually faced with homemade products is we didn’t get the product look and feel we expected while application. It is true for almost all homemade products including homemade liquid soap or body wash.

For homemade body wash, it is really hard to get accurate consistency. Sometimes it becomes too runny that nobody can recognize it as a body wash.  But, like every problem, there are solutions to it as well. And today I will tell you how to thicken homemade body wash, properly.

Why You Need to Thicken Homemade Body Wash

First of all, remember, there is no relation between the thickness and efficacy of homemade body wash. You will get the same result from a runny body wash that you would get from a thicker one.

There are mainly two reasons why we want a thicker body wash. The first one is the look and feel of the body wash. If your homemade body wash owns the right consistency you will enjoy a good feeling and easiness while applying it in the shower. On the contrary, runny body wash may create a mess and it would be the reason for the waste of your body wash.

Secondly, the thickness of your body wash helps to decide which type of container you should use to store them. If your homemade body wash has the thickness of a commercial one you could use a bottle with a pump top to store it. And for thicker body wash flip-top bottle is suitable.

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Best Ways to Thicken Homemade Body Wash

You can thicken your homemade body wash very easily. It doesn’t cost you much or take lots of preparations. Today I will tell you three easiest ways to thicken your body wash. Let’s see.

Using Salt Water Solution

It is the most used and easiest way to thicken homemade body wash. You just need the table salt and distilled water for this. But, you need to be careful while making the saltwater solution and pouring it into the liquid soap base. Otherwise, you won’t get your desired consistency.

To make the saltwater solution, take 3-4 tablespoons of distilled water into a glass bowl and put 1 tablespoon of table salt into it. Don’t use tap water because it may contain germs and other contaminants which could decrease the shelf life of your homemade body wash. Take a spoon and stir until the salt gets dissolved into the water completely. Now your saltwater solution is ready to thicken your homemade body wash.

Take the soap base into a glass bowl and pour a small amount of saltwater into it. At first start with ½ tablespoon salt water and stir it well with a stick or spoon. Then see what happens. It will make your soap base ticker than previous. Add more saltwater but very slowly if you don’t get your expected consistency. Stir the soap-based thoroughly every time after pouring the saltwater.

Don’t pour too much saltwater otherwise it will ruin the texture of your soap base. When you get soap-like consistency, stop adding saltwater. Don’t try to bring gel-like consistency.

Soap Base Thickening with Essential Oil

Essential oil is an important ingredient for homemade body wash if you don’t like a scented soap base. It helps you to get scented body wash as your preference. Besides aroma, you also get lots of skin and health from essential oils.

Moreover, you can use essential oil to thicken homemade body wash. It is so simple. When you pour essential oils into the soap base and stir, it may start to thicken due to the presence of essential oils. Don’t use saltwater solution if you get the desired thickness. And don’t use excess essential oil than recommended to get the soap-like consistency. Use saltwater instead.

By Using Crothix

Crothix is an ester usually used as a thickener for soap and body wash, eye color, face color, shampoo, facial cleanser, etc. You can use it to thicken your homemade body wash. Use it if you already have it in your home. I won’t tell you to buy crothix just for thickening body wash because you can do it with saltwater.

Anyway, you need a very small amount of crothix for this purpose. But, I suggest you do a test on a small amount of castile soap to identify the required amount for your entire body wash. If you are satisfied with the test, go for the final step.

The Last Words

Making homemade body wash isn’t a tough job. You can do it very easily at home with some easily available ingredients. Now you also know how to give it an actual body wash like consistency. So, try any of my above-mentioned methods and tell me the result.

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