Is Airbrush Makeup Worth It: Everything You Should Know

It is one of the frequently asked questions is airbrush makeup worth it? Whatever, you should be sure before buying any product or service that you spend money for a valid cause. It arises either for the price of the airbrush makeup set or for the service charge claimed by the airbrush makeup professionals.

Airbrush makeup is comparatively newer than traditional makeup. Airbrush makeup was first used in the film Ben Hur in 1959. But, it was gaining popularity among general people later, at the beginning of this century. Even still today, people are confused about it, they think they need to visit a professional makeup artist to get airbrush makeup.

Like this, there are many other confusions and rumors about airbrush and traditional makeup. Today, I will try to bring you out of those confusions. Here you will know the head-to-head difference between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup. You will also know if airbrush makeup is worth it for a wedding or any other special occasion.

Airbrush vs Traditional Makeup

Airbrush makeup offers a lightweight, long-lasting finish and is ideal for photography, giving a flawless look. Traditional makeup, offering versatility and precision, is better for detailed work and touch-ups. The choice depends on the desired finish, skin type, and the occasion’s nature. Let’s explore the key difference between airbrush vs traditional makeup:

Flawless Makeup Coverage

For flawless coverage, airbrush makeup is best. It is because the airbrush makeup stylus sprays a super fine foundation mist on your skin, and you can control the amount very easily. For regular makeup, you can get flawless coverage easily at home with an airbrush for makeup. But, for a special occasion, I suggest visiting a professional stylist.

Is Airbrush Makeup Worth It

Traditional makeup can give you flawless coverage as well, but it is not as good as airbrush makeup. And, you need a professional touch to get acceptable flawless coverage. But, the worst thing is, the professional can not save you from the cakey look completely.

Sheer to Full Coverage

You can get sheer to full coverage from both types of makeup. But traditional makeup can not give you the ease of application which possible for airbrush makeup. With the airbrush makeup, you will get sheer coverage with 1-2 layers of spray, 2-3 for medium coverage, and 3-4 for full coverage. Sometimes it also varies with the quality of foundations. And it takes much less time compared to traditional makeup.

On the other side, traditional makeup requires lots of touch-ups to get a nice finish. You need to work hard to get full coverage compared to sheer. And you will get the cakey look with the full coverage makeup.


I will say it depends. If you want complete makeup for a special occasion like a wedding party, airbrush for makeup takes quite a little time than traditional makeup.

But, if you need very light makeup on a daily basis, I suggest using traditional makeup. Just take your makeup set, use a brush for a few touch-ups, and it is enough to go. Whereas for airbrush makeup, you need to bring out the compressor from the packet, plug-in it in, choose the right foundation, put it into a stylus, and only then you can put it on your face. I think it is not wise to go through this hassle for simple touch-ups.

Success Rate on Imperfection Covering

Airbrush makeup is great for covering all types of mild to moderate imperfections. It includes patches, redness, freckles, mild acne, acne scars, mild wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, etc. With airbrush makeup, you will get flawless coverage over them.

But, if you have vigorous imperfections, an airbrush for makeup cannot give you a satisfactory result. If you have huge acne or pit on your face, go for traditional makeup. It can cover them successfully.

Sweat and Tears Resistance

You will get an airbrush foundation mainly in two forms; water-based and silicone-based. If you are a crier or have a tendency to sweat more, you should use silicone-based airbrush foundations. The silicone-based foundation lasts longer than traditional makeup on sweat or tear contact. So, if you are prone to tears or sweat, make sure you choose the right foundation.

Makeup Longevity

When it comes to durability, my choice is airbrush makeup. Because, when I go to a long party or day-long occasion, I make sure my makeup will last till the end. Because I might have participated in dancing or hugging others for greetings. That’s why I prefer airbrush makeup to a traditional one.

Airbrush makeup kit can cope with sweat and tears longer than traditional makeup. For a shorter party, that lasts 3-4 hours, you can wear a water-based airbrush foundation. But for the day-long occasion, you should wear a silicone-based foundation. Usually, airbrush makeup lasts up to 12-18 hours.

Traditional makeup also lasts longer, but it needs lots more things like a makeup setter to increase its durability.

Skin Types

Here traditional makeup gets positive marks than airbrush makeup. You will get lots of formulations in traditional makeup which are enough to cover the needs of all skin types.

Whereas, airbrush for makeup is good for normal, oily, hydrated, and combination skin. If you have very dry skin, you should avoid airbrush makeup. It may give you a flaky look after spending a few hours.

Requirement of Product Quantity

If you never tried an airbrush makeup kit, you cannot imagine how little amount is required to do it. Airbrush makeup comes in liquid form and only a few drops are enough to cover your entire face. It just turns those drops into a fine mist and spreads over your face smoothly.

On the other hand, traditional makeup requires a lot compared to airbrush makeup. I think this is the cause behind the cakey finish and light finish.

Shade Options

If you are looking for a variety of shades, you should pick traditional makeup. It has lots of shades and preparations for every skin tone and type. For some women, it is hard to match the airbrush makeup foundation with their skin tone.

In this situation, a professional stylist mixes two or three colors to make a new one. Don’t worry, airbrush manufacturers are continuously trying to build new shades to match every skin type.

Makeup Kit Cost

An Airbrush makeup kit is quite expensive than traditional makeup. For airbrush makeup, you need to buy a complete kit that includes an air compressor, foundations, bronzer, blush, etc. Though a little goes a long way. Usually, an airbrush compressor lasts at least 2 years. If you buy one for home use, next time you just need to buy foundations and other cosmetic products.

Is Airbrush Makeup Worth It?

Airbrush makeup, known for its durability and flawless finish, is often considered worth it for special occasions like weddings or photo shoots. Its fine mist application creates a smooth, even skin tone, effectively masking imperfections without a heavy feel. This technique is particularly beneficial for high-definition photography, as it minimizes the need for retouching and maintains its integrity under various lighting conditions.

However, airbrush makeup requires professional skill for proper application and can be more costly than traditional makeup. It’s less versatile for everyday use and might not be suitable for all skin types, especially those with dry or textured skin, as it can sometimes accentuate these issues.

The decision ultimately depends on individual preferences, the specific event, and budget considerations. For those seeking long-lasting, photographic-friendly makeup that withstands hours of wear, airbrush makeup is a compelling option. But for daily use or those who prefer a more tactile application process, traditional makeup might be more practical and cost-effective.

Is Airbrush Makeup Good for a Wedding?

Every girl wants their best look on her wedding day. And they are literary getting confused in this situation. Which one gives them the best look – traditional makeup or airbrush makeup?

Usually, a wedding day comes once in a lifetime. And every girl wants to look beautiful, and charming, and be the main attraction of the wedding from start to end. Here you have to wear makeup for a day long because you need to go through various events. In this situation, you need a makeup type that lasts long without any smudge. And most importantly you have to look naturally beautiful, not artificially.

For this, my recommendation is airbrush makeup if your skin isn’t too dry. It lasts long and gives you a flawless natural look. But, you should wear silicone-based airbrush makeup for this day, because it lasts longer than water-based foundations. If you are prone to crying at the wedding, don’t wipe your tears, use tissue paper to blot. Hope everything will be fine till the end.

Never ever think of doing your makeup yourself or with a non-professional hand for your wedding. You have to look special on this day which is only possible by the touch of a professional hand. If you have dry skin and want to wear the airbrush makeup, consult with your stylist first.

He or she will give you the best suggestion. And if you are a first-timer for airbrush makeup, do some trials before the wedding day. Usually, airbrush wedding makeup service ranges from $100-$200 with one or several trials. I think airbrush makeup is worth the service it provides for a wedding or any special occasion.

The Last Words

Airbrush makeup, with its long-lasting, flawless finish, is ideal for special events and professional photography, albeit at a higher cost and skill requirement. Its suitability varies with skin type and the occasion, making it a valuable choice for specific needs rather than an everyday solution.