Best Pumice Stone for Cracked Heels (in 2022)

Cracked heels are annoying, disturbing, and painful.

You may look good with your pretty face, gorgeous dresses, and valuable ornaments. But, all these things get ruined if you have cracked heels. It is just a matter of embrassment.

Don’t panic! You are not alone. Every man and woman is prone to this cracking. It starts to appear when your skin gets thickened with age. And if you don’t care, this will lead to heel cracks.

The good news is, you can easily treat the crack at home at the initial stage with pumice stone; no need to make an appointment with a podiatrist or foot spa center. Here I reviewed the best pumice stone for cracked heels that knows the crack vanishing job like a magician.

Let’s see…

Best Pumice Stones for Feet and Heels

1. Love Pumice 2 in 1 Pumice Stone for Cracked Heels

Best pumice stone for cracked heels

Features and Benefits

This is one of the best pumice stones out in the market. It knows well what to do with dry cracked heels and feet. And the best part of this pumice stone is it has two levels of coarseness. With them, you can get a mild to vigorous exfoliation easily. For easy identification, they came in two colors.

It will help to get back the natural look of your heels by removing the nasty cracks. It is super effective against corn, calluses, hard skin, cracks, and dead skin cells. You can use this pumice stone on heels, feet, hands, and body. It will help you to get silky smooth feet and heels.

This pumice stone isn’t rock-solid. It will be slightly soft when it gets wet. It is suitable to use during shower time. A handy tool for pedicure and manicure. Works well but crumble over time. It is durable but won’t last like a natural pumice stone.

This is the most lightweight pumice stone I have ever seen. It is very easy to hold and use. The dimension of a single-piece stone is 5″ x 1″ x 0.5″. Very lovely to see. Even you can use it as a gift item.

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02. KuuCare Pumice Stone for Dry Cracked Heels

Best natural pumice stone

Features and Benefits

This is a natural volcanic lava pumice stone to solve the foot problem in the most comfortable way. It will save you from the embracement caused by cracked heels. You can also use this pumice stone to remove corns, strains, callused skin, and stubborn hard skin.

This natural stone comes with an ergonomic design. It will firmly sit inside your hand palm and won’t slip while using. Its random-sized holes give better scrubbing without causing any damage to the skin. You can use it easily on every corner of your heels.

Just follow the instruction while using this pumice stone. Regular use will leave finer and soft heels for a pain-free walk. Use it 2-3 times a week until you get back the soft heels again. Then once a week is enough for maintenance. You can use this pumice stone with soap or body wash.

You will get a suction hook with this body wash to hang it. But, a lot of users complained about the suction hook. It has not enough strength to hold this pumice stone. Other than that, it is worth buying.

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03. Beauty by Earth Pumice Stone for Dry Cracked Heels

Best pumice stone for cracked heels

Features and Benefits

Beauty by Earth is a renowned brand in the skincare world. And this pumice stone is an awesome item in the Beauty by Earth product line. If you have severe cracks on heels, use this one to solve that problem.

This pumice stone is completely natural, made of earth lava. That’s why it has lots of pores with different shapes and sizes. And these pores help to get nice soft heels by removing deep cracks. It allows you to do soft to hard scrubbing.

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Besides cracks, it is highly effective on corns, calluses, dry skin build-up, etc. Great for a pedicure, manicure, and home spa. Just pick it and keep your foot problem at the bay.

This pumice stone is made in the USA. It is quite large compared to other pumice stones. But, you will get a nice grip. You can wash it with boiled water. Durable and lasts more than a year.

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04. Evolatree Natural Exfoliating Pumice Stone for Feet

Best natural earth lava pumice stone

Features and Benefits

First of all, you will love its appearance and sense of aesthetic beauty. This is a Canada-based company that offers natural care to your feet. Its pumice stone is completely natural and made of earth lava. Its natural course makes it a perfect grater for feet and heels.

The dimension of this pumice stone is 3” x 4”. But as a natural stone, it may little vary. You will get a better grip for easy use. This pumice stone is moderately coarse. So, you will get a better and safe scrubbing from this pumice stone.

It will help you to get relief from dead skin cells, stains, calluses, and corns, and dry cracked heels. Within a few days, you will get back to your normal feet and heels again. This pumice stone is lightweight and you will enjoy every moment while using it.

One of the best attractions of this pumice stone is its lucrative wooden stand. It will enhance the look of your bathroom. It would be worth buying for you.

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05. Pumice Valley Natural Earth Lava Pumice Stone

Best pumice stone for cracked heels

Features and Benefits

The is another one of the best pumice stones in the market. This pumice stone is completely black. And the manufacturer claims black pumice stone is the purest form. And it comes with a nice ergonomic shape so that you can use it with ease.

This pumice stone is not too rough. But it is enough productive to get a gentle and effective scrubbing. You can use this pumice stone to scrub heels, feet, hands, elbows, and knees. You can use it to remove corns, callused skin, heel cracks, dead skin buildup, and more. It would be a nice tool for pedicures and manicures at home.

It comes with a jute rope for easy hanging. It didn’t seem very impressive to me. I think the rope won’t last a long time after water contact. But the pumice stone is durable.

Some users complained they got a broken pumice stone after arrival. It proves that the packaging isn’t well protective to save the pumice stone while delivery. Hope the seller will solve this problem shortly for the sake of their reputation.

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06. Bprow Volcanic Lava Pumice Stone for Dry Cracked Heels

Best pumice stone for cracked heels

Features and Benefits

Bprow is another natural pumice stone on my list. You will find all the characteristics of natural pumice stone in it. Its pores are abrasive and different in size. So, you will get nice scrubbing benefits from this pumice stone.

This pumice stone is made by only cutting and grinding natural earth lava. And no chemical treatment is used to make this pumice stone. You just get a completely natural stone to remove the annoying cracks from your heels. It will help you to regain the beauty of your feet.

The size of this pumice stone is approximately 4.5″ x 3″ x 1.75″. And it feels good while holding this pumice stone. Very easy to use. It is durable and will last almost over a year.

You will get two gifts with the pumice stone. One is a hanging hook and another is a cleaning brush. These will help to increase the durability of the pumice stone. But I am not satisfied with the brush quality. Apart from this, pumice stone is worth buying.

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07. Adore Lava Pumice Stone for Dry Cracked Heel

Best natural foot grater

Features and Benefits

With this pumice stone, you will get a loofah pad and a practical pumice stone stand. The stand will help to make the stone dry after every use. So, I would like to say it is a nice package to purchase. It is a complete scrubbing solution for your feet and body.

Adore lava pumice stone is completely natural. So, you will get all the benefits of natural pumice stone. If you want to remove cracks, dry, and dead skin cells from the heels, it would be a nice tool to choose.

Like all natural pumice stones, it has un-uniform pores to give different levels of scrubbing experience. You can remove all the impurities within a few days of use. Then continue a maintenance scrubbing routine like once a week.

The best part of this pumice stone is most of its users are happy with its service. Hope it won’t disappoint you to remove the stubborn cracks from your feet and heels.

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These are the best pumice stones that give you the best result in heel crack removal. They will save time and money. Always apply your regular moisturizer after scrubbing.

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