How to Care for African American Beard (Failproof Tips)

Beard is a sign of masculinity. It also gives a fashionable look if we care and manage it properly. But, managing a beard isn’t easy for every bearded man especially African Americans.

It is because the beard of African American men is quite different than others. It is hard, dense, and coarse. But, like other beard types, African American beard faces some problems like dryness, itching, breakage, dandruff, and dull look.

You can overcome these problems through proper care. Today, I will tell you how to care for African American beard in the proper and easiest way. It is hassle-free and you will be habituated with it within a few days of practice.

Let’s see.

Know Your Beard First

To care for a beard, it is very important to know the nature of your beard first. I didn’t mean the nature of the African American beard, everybody knows African American beard is thick, dense, black, and slightly curly.

I just want to say, you should aware specifically about the condition of your own beard. Because everyone’s beard is different. If you know the nature and problems of your beard, you can solve them easily.

First of all, touch your beard with your hands and feel how hard it is. Check if there any noticeable split edge and breakage problems. Dryness also is an important concern for beard care. You should also notice how much area of your face is covered with the beard. It will help you while styling and trimming the beard.

The skin beneath the beard is also important as it delivers the essential nutrients to the beard. Check if it suffers from dryness or itching. After examining all of these, you can decide when and how should you care for your beard.

External Beard Care

Develop a Beard Grooming Kit

A groomed beard reflects the personality and beauty of a man. And most of the processes of caring for a beard are external. That’s why you need to give a deep focus on external care. It consists of some products and tools.

For a fashion sensible and sexy man, a beard grooming kit is very important. It includes beard oil, beard balm, moisturizer, beard conditioner, and some other tools. You can either purchase one from a renowned brand or make your own custom beard grooming kit. For a custom beard grooming kit, you need to purchase every item separately from different brands. After arranging a beard grooming kit, you are good to go for the care of your beard. Let’s see the process step by step.

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Wash Beard on A Regular Basis

We usually take a shower every day. But, don’t think your beard gets washed while taking a shower. It just a water wash but not a proper wash that your beard deserves. So, you should wash your beard properly at least once a weak. Sometimes the frequency can be raised up to 2-3 times a week depending on the condition of your beard.

Don’t use regular soap, shampoo, or body wash to clean your beard. They may strip off the natural oil and make your beard dry and dull. You should use a beard wash which is specially made to clean it. There are lots of beard-wash out in the market, make sure you pick the right one.

how to care for african american beard
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For African American beard, my recommendation is Billy Jealousy Beard Wash. It is infused with argan and jojoba oils and great to soften and strengthen the beard.

Condition Your Beard

We all know African American beard is thick and dense which makes it hard to manage. To overcome this problem, you should use a beard conditioner. It helps to make your beard soft and manageable. A properly conditioned beard also looks shiny and gorgeous. So, don’t forget to condition your beard after every wash. Some beard wash contains conditioner inside it. If you use that then you don’t need to apply the conditioner separately. Just, be sure you use the quality beard wash and conditioner.

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Moisturize Properly

For the nature of the African American beard, it is prone to breakage and split edge. Lack of moisture and nutrients are responsible for this. There are only two ways to solve this problem externally. And they are beard oil and beard balm.

After washing and conditioning the beard, the first task is to moisturize the beard either with beard oil or beard balm. Both are good to moisturize your beard. Beard oil is great for an itchy and frizzy beard. It gives a shiny finish.

On the other hand, beard balm is in quite solid consistency and it gives a matte finish. Basically, beard balm is for moisturization and styling. If you want my suggestion, I tell you to use beard oil for regular moisturization. But, for any special occasion, there is no alternative to beard balm.

My favorite beard oil is Proraso Beard Oil and beard balm is Proraso Beard Balm. You can check them on

Trim When Needed

Trimming is very important to care for and styling your beard. It helps to prevent split edges and promotes beard growth. To trim your entire beard I suggest you go to a professional stylist. But you can do some simple trimming easily at home with scissors or electric razors. Now the decision is yours.

Don’t Forget the Skin Beneath the Beard

It is invisible to every bearded man and most of them neglect it as it remains out of their sight. But you should not do it. The skin beneath our beard is the base of it. It holds the beard follicles and provides essential nutrients to enrich beard health.

If you don’t care about facial skin it will affect beard health for sure. Your skin beneath the beard may suffer from dryness, itching, and even dandruff. You can care for the facial skin both externally and internally.

Externally you can use beard oil to moisturizing skin along with the beard. Besides moisturization, some beard oil provides anti-dandruff and anti-itching benefits. Another good practice is combing the beard with a beard comb. It will improve the blood circulation inside the skin which enhances the health and strength of beard follicles.

And for the internal care of the skin under the beard, you should drink plenty of water and eat a 3healthy diet. If your skin problem is severe, I suggest you shave the beard completely. Then treat the skin well and grow your beard again with proper care.

Product Choosing Tips

For the sake of healthy beards don’t use cheap or harsh chemical-infused products. Cheap products will ruin your beard rather than doing good. It is always better to choose a natural and organic beard care product. It will keep your beard and facial skin safe from unexpected damage.

Internal Beard Care

Eat a Healthy and Balanced Diet

Every part of our body needs nutrition to function well. It is true for our hair and beard as well. The only way we can give them proper nutrients is by taking a balanced and healthy diet. If you take healthy foods from time to time you will get a healthy, stronger, and shiner beard. And avoid junk foods at any cost.

Drink Enough Water

Blood carries nutrients all over our body even to the hair follicles, and it needs water to move smoothly. So, to grow a beard rapidly and keeps it strong you need to drink enough water every day. It keeps your body and skin hydrated and helps the beard to get the essential nutrients for a healthier appearance. An adult man should drink eight glasses of water every day. Just sip water when you get time.

Do Exercise

The only alternative to exercise is exercise. I think you understood what I mean. It improves blood circulation and boosts our energy. Regular exercise delivers enough blood and nutrients to the hair follicle which makes our hair strong and healthy. Besides making a beard healthy, exercise also helps you to get a nice look by burning the fat off your cheek.

The Last Words

Personal care and styling always depend on your own intention rather than tips and tricks. Any suggestion or tips only show the way but you have to walk on your own feet. So care for your beard and stay attractive with an iconic look.