Best Type of Shower Loofah for a Refreshing Shower

There is no doubt that loofah is a multi usable shower tool. Though it is an exfoliating tool, it comes with different shapes, sizes, and even names to exfoliate different parts of the body.

It is because our body needs different types of shower loofah according to its skin variations. So, to achieve a nice exfoliating result you should not use one type of loofah for another purpose.

Today I will show you the best type of shower loofah for different tasks. Some of them might not be familiar to you. Let’s see in detail.

Facial Loofah Pads

best type of shower loofah

Facial skin is the most delicate skin part of our body. We should take care of it properly to maintain its beauty. Our face consists of a small area with several ups and downs. I want to mean the eyes, noses, cheeks, mouth, etc. Here a large loofah would not be user-friendly.

That’s why most of the facial loofah is small in size and rounded in shape. To exfoliate your delicate facial skin its mesh should be soft to avoid any type of skin damage. It is usable for both men and women of all ages.

My Favorite

You will get lots of facial loofahs out in the market. The quality of those loofahs is almost the same. Among them, my favorite one is Subekyu Facial Loofah. It is almost perfectly round and not too small or too big. You can use this facial loofah easily with its back strap.

It is 100% natural and great for all skin types even the most sensitive skin. It helps to reveal your facial beauty by removing all the impurities.

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Shower Loofah Pouf

best type of shower loofah

It is one of the popular shower loofahs mostly used by women. It is an artificial loofah and ensures a great exfoliation. Shower loofah pouf is generally used to exfoliate hands, shoulders, and body.

The key benefit of this shower pouf is its huge lather-producing capability. No other loofah either it is natural or artificial cannot produce such an amount of lather. And color variations of this loofah pouf are literary beyond the limit.

If you want to use a loofah pouf, buy one from a renowned brand. The stitching of cheap loofah may tear off within a few days of use. Another drawback of this loofah is it is not environment-friendly as it is made with synthetic materials.

My Favorite

It is very hard to choose the best loofah pouf from the market. There are lots more with countless variations. Just pick one from a renowned brand. My favorite brand for loofah pouf is Shower Bouquet.

Its loofahs are awesome with different color variations. If you want you may give them a try.

Loofah Pad

best type of shower loofah

It is a very familiar shower tool for exfoliation. The loofah pad is very easy to use and attracts people with its simplest design. It is made with a natural loofah and the border is stitched with cloth lining. Usually, its back part is covered with cloth and has a strap for easy holding.

You will get loofah pads in different shapes. It may be round, oval, rectangular, etc. There is nothing special in those shapes, it just a design deferences of the manufacturers. You are free to use any of them. Just make sure the quality of natural loofah is suitable for your skin.

Loofah Gloves

Natural loofah gloves

I must say it is an updated version of the loofah pad. The usual loofah pad has a strap in its back part for easy use. But sometimes the elasticity of the strap may loosen with frequent use. Here this updated loofah pad provides a great solution for this problem.

Your entire hand will fit inside it. With this loofah pad, you will feel the exfoliation with your hands. You can exfoliate every part of your body smoothly (except the back). Its price is a little high than normal loofah pads, but it worth the price.

My Favorite

Here my favorite loofah is Almooni Premium Exfoliating Loofah Gloves. It comes in a nice shape with two exfoliating surfaces. It is a really good exfoliating glove to use.

Loofah Pouf with Handles

Long handles loofah pouf

Back exfoliation with hands is really hard. But it is not wise to leave your back as it is. Here a loofah pouf with handles will help you to make the task easy.

It is a very simple tool, a loofah pouf is just tied on the tip of the handle. The handle may be either bamboo, wood, or plastic made. With this loofah, you can exfoliate back without any help from others.

My Favorite

If you want a reliable long-handled shower pouf then toem shower pouf would be a great product to choose. It has a nice long handle with an anti-slip rubber grip. And the loofah pouf is incorporated with bamboo charcoal.

Natural Loofah with Handles

Natural loofah with handle

Natural loofah is always best. It cares about our environment along with the body. There are lots of tools to exfoliate the back including brush, pouf, and strap. But, most of them are made with synthetic materials.

If you don’t want to use the artificial product then you may use a long-handled natural loofah. All part of this product is natural including the handle. You can use it easily to exfoliate your back.

You will find two types of handled natural loofah – one is rounded loofah and another is flat loofah. Both are good, you can use whatever you want.

With the flat loofah, you can cover many areas at a time. And the rounded loofah gives you a better exfoliation in the backbone line.

My Recommendation

Here you can pick Mr.Cui’shop for rounded loofah and FAAY for the flat one. Both are made with wooden handles and long enough to exfoliate your back easily.

Back Scrubbing Loofah Strap

Back scrubbing loofah strap

This is one of the most popular back scrubber types. This strap has a loofah in the middle with two strings at both ends. You need to use both hands to exfoliate your back.

This loofah strap is very handy. Just make sure the strap is wide enough. Because wider loofah gives you better results by exfoliating more area with less effort. This back scrubbing loofah works well on men’s skin as well as women’s.

My Favorite

I really love this back scrubber. It is a nice shower product of renowned brand Almooni. It is made with quality materials and wide enough for optimum exfoliation.

Loofah Pads and Pouf

Loofah pads and pouf

It is a unique combination of both loofah pads and a shower pouf. It is usually an exfoliating pad one side of which contains shower pads and another side contains exfoliating pouf.

You will get two different types of exfoliation with this 2-in-1 shower pad. Moreover, it will save you money. Suitable for both men and women.

My Recommendation

Here you can pick the mikimini Bath Mitt to get both loofah pad and pouf in one place. It comes in an attractive shape. A handy shower tool for all ladies.

Whole Loofa

Whole raw loofah

All of the above-mentioned product is designed and manufactured in such a way that they could meet the user’s needs. But, if you want to make your own loofah, you can do it by buying a whole loofah.

It is cost-friendly. You can cut it into many small pieces according to your needs. I think one piece of the whole loofah is enough for every member of the family. If you decide to buy one, buy an Egyptian whole loofah.

The Last Words

I must say there is no limit in the variation of loofah. Here I tried to illustrate the most popular loofah variations. Hope it will help you to find a better loofah for effective exfoliation.