Charcoal Soap Side Effects on Skin

Using activated charcoal products is a growing trend in the skincare world. You can get activated charcoal soap, body wash, face wash, peel off mask, toothpaste, and lots.

People get significant benefits from activated charcoal products and the market is expanding day by day. Though there are some controversial thoughts floating around activated charcoal products. Some of them are true and some are not.

Anyway, today I will tell you the activated charcoal soap side effects on the skin. Though there is no major side effect of using charcoal soap topically. If you know the charcoal soap side effects, you can avoid them easily.

Some side effects also depend on certain skin types. So, you should know your skin well before using activated charcoal soap or body wash for body cleansing.

Possible Side Effects of Activated Charcoal Bar Soap

May Give Rough Skin Exfoliation

Activated charcoal is infused in a bar soap as a powder form. Sometimes you could buy a charcoal bar soap in which the charcoal powder wasn’t that fine. It will put your skin a risk.

If your soap has such a problem, replace it with another activated charcoal soap bar of a different brand. Otherwise, it could damage your skin surface and develops various skin problems like aging signs.

Remember activated charcoal won’t damage your skin if it was powered finely.

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Doesn’t Give Expected Result

It isn’t true for all available charcoal soaps in the market.

You know the making of activated charcoal is a specialized process. Normal household charcoal needs to go through a few controlled process to form activated charcoal. The quality of the activated charcoal may be compromised if the manufacturer didn’t follow the making process perfectly.

Unfortunately, for a general user, there is no way to examine the quality of activated charcoal in a bar soap.

If you aren’t satisfied with the result, please try some other soaps to find the best one. Or, if you buy online, see the user reviews.

May Create Eye Infections

Activated charcoal is a solid particle and not water-soluble. If it goes to your eye, it could create an unpleasant situation. Sometimes activated charcoal creates infection if it hugely goes to your eyes and remains for a long time.

So, when you use activated charcoal bar soap or face wash, avoid eye contact by any means.

If it goes mistakenly into your eyes, splash plain water until it washed off completely. If it doesn’t work properly, go to an eye specialist as soon as possible.

May React with Certain Skin Type

Before writing this post, I searched amazon customer reviews of several activated charcoal soap brand to find out some side effects. Most of the leading activated charcoal soap brands got huge positive reviews.

As the moon has some spots, there are some negative reviews as well. When I checked them, I found some users experience different types of problems.

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Some got oily face after 2-3 wash, though it is normal. If you have it, don’t worry, it will be solved automatically within a few days. Some users got acne breakout and some users didn’t identify any changes.

I think these problems either could happen for other ingredients of that soap or their skin didn’t suit with the activated charcoal. If you buy a charcoal soap that got huge positive reviews but didn’t work on your skin, please switch to another skincare regimen. Activated charcoals soap isn’t the only skincare solution in the world.

Less Scientific Evidence

This is not a side effect of activated charcoal soap, it is a kind of drawback. The benefits you heard about activated charcoal soap are almost scientifically not proven. Because the trend of using the activated charcoal product is not that old.

The good news is people are working on it and hope we will know more in near future with enough scientific proof.

Actually, there is no major side effect of using a charcoal product on the skin. Some side effects may appear if you take the activated charcoal powder in a large quantity through the mouth. Otherwise, it is ok for every adult if they use activated charcoal soap according to the suggestion of a dermatologist.

The Last Words

Hope you have a clear idea about activated charcoal soap side effects. If you want my suggestion, there is nothing to worry about it. Just go for it without any hesitation.