Charcoal Soap Benefits


If you want to know the benefits of charcoal soap for the skin you should know its types first. There are basically two types of charcoal soap available in the market, normal charcoal soap and activated charcoal soap.

You could find some other charcoal soap varieties like bamboo charcoal soap, coconut shell charcoal soap, etc. But, these aren’t necessary to know. You just need to compare the benefits of normal charcoal and activated charcoal soap.

Basically, the beneficial factors of general charcoal and activated charcoal soap are almost the same. The major difference between them is their working capacity. You should have a little idea before using them for skin cleansing. Let me clarify.

Normal Charcoal Vs Activated Charcoal

Normal charcoal is produced from the regular burning of trees, coal, bamboo, coconut shell, etc. We can get it from our daily household activities. This type of charcoal is used for various purposes like BBQ. Even people in the Indian subcontinent are using charcoal for water purification from the ancient period.

On the other hand, activated charcoal is something like an updated version of normal charcoal. Activated charcoal is produced through a high temperature burning in a controlled process. Due to this high temperature and controlled oxidation, a lot of pores appear on the activated charcoal molecule.

These huge pores increase the surface level of the activated charcoal which allows adsorbing more pollutants than normal household charcoal. 1 gram activated charcoal has roughly 1000 square meters of surface area (source).

So, in simple words, you will get better health and skincare benefits from activated charcoal than household charcoal.

Proven Charcoal Soap Benefits (Activated and Non-activated)

Gives Gentle Exfoliation

Exfoliation is good for our skin. We usually exfoliate our skin twice a week with a body scrub, brush, or loofah. What if you get a gentle exfoliation while taking shower every day?

A charcoal soap or body wash does the job for you. For general exfoliation non-activated charcoal soap is better as it is less fine than activated charcoal. It helps to buff away the stubborn dirt and impurities to help your skin interact with the outer environment and remove toxins easily from the body.

Ensures Deep cleansing

You can use various products to clean your skin. But, they cannot assure you of deep cleansing.

Here an activated charcoal bar soap does a great job. If you use charcoal soap properly, you can get almost impurities-free skin. It washes off stubborn and tiny impurities from your skin which is impossible for other cleansers.

Moreover, activated charcoals suck toxins like blotting paper. It removes toxins from deep down pores and keeps your skin free from various skin problems. The countless pores of activated charcoal adsorb toxins and other pollutants and help to make your skin healthy and strong again.

Good for Oily Skin

Oily skin is a disgusting problem for men and women, especially for teenagers. And oily skin is the source of various skin problems like acne, pimples, zits, and the most disappointing shiny look.

Activated charcoal soap is a very good remedy for oily skin. It removes the excess oil from your skin along with dirt and debris. Due to the large surface area of activated charcoal, excess oil of your face and body gets attached to it and washed off with the help of water.

You can use the regular activated charcoal soap on your body to wash. But, for the face, you should use which one is suitable for facial skin.

Suitable for All Skin Types

There is no doubt that activated charcoal is a natural ingredient. So activated charcoal soap doesn’t harm your skin if other ingredients of that soap are also natural.

If you buy a natural activated charcoal soap, you can use it without any hesitation whatever your skin type is. The using frequency can vary according to your skin type. What I want to say, the using process of activated charcoal soap on oily skin would not be the same as on sensitive skin.

Great for Acne

Mainly three factors are responsible for acne, clogged pores, excess sebum production, and bacteria. You can get acne-free skin only if you control them well.

Activated charcoal soap is awesome in this. It cleanses your skin pores, controls oiliness by removing excess oil, and finally, it washes off the acne-causing bacteria. Regular use will eliminate the stubborn acne from your face and body.

If your skin is prone to acne, I suggest you using an activated charcoal soap and face wash every day. It will help you to stay away from acne. Moreover, you will get healthier and strong skin.

Detoxifies Skin

Toxins are produced inside our bodies due to biological and metabolic activities. And it creates various problems insides and outside (on the skin) of the body.

Activated charcoal has proven detoxification capability. Activated charcoal bar soap sucks out toxic materials from the body and helps your skin to stay problem-free.

Reduces Pore Size

Your skin pores look bigger when lots of things remain inside it. Every day your skin has to face several disturbing elements like dust, pollutants, dead skin cells, excess oil (sebum), toxins, bacteria, and skincare products.

All these stay inside and over the skin pores that make it look bigger. The best way to clean pores is exfoliation. And activated charcoal soap is master at it. It pulls out all the impurities deep from the pores and tightens the skin for a supple look.

Prevents Early Aging

Shedding of dead skin cells makes you look dull and older. It slows down the cellular regeneration process and helps some aging signs to appear.

Activated charcoal soap keeps your skin clear and refreshed through gentle exfoliation. It effectively removes all the impurities from your skin. If you want a rejuvenated look, use an activated charcoal soap regularly.

Ensures Flawless Look

Activated charcoal gives you a fairer look by fading dark spots, sun spots, blemishes, and skin discoloration. Its exfoliation and detoxification give your skin a healthy appearance. And activates charcoal soap makes your skin strong enough to fight all these odds.

The Last Words

The activated charcoal soap bar has lots of skin benefits. You can use it regularly to get healthier and more attractive skin. Just make sure you buy a quality activated charcoal soap from a renowned brand. And check other ingredients whether they are good for your skin type or not.