How to Use a Loofah Properly (With Popular FAQs)

I must say using loofah is one of the simplest tasks in the world. But, sometimes a simple task cannot bring effective results if it is not done properly. It is true for exfoliation with loofah as well. Using loofah isn’t just rubbing it over the skin, it’s much more.

Anyway, today I will tell you how to properly use a loofah in the shower. How you get a better outcome with less effort and without damaging your beautiful skin.

Here I will also try to answer some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about loofah. Hope this will help you to use the loofah for an effective exfoliation.

So, let’s dig deeper.

Step by Step Guide to Use Loofah

Pick the Right Loofah

You should not expect a better result from an ordinary product. So, before everything else, you need to pick the right loofah to make your exfoliation effective. I know it is really hard to pick the right loofah because there are lots of out in the market in a different names, shapes, sizes, and colors.

You should pick one which meets your needs and doesn’t cause any harm to your skin. For this, you should have to pick different types of loofah according to your skin texture and softness. That means the loofah you will use on your face must be soft and the body loofah should have slightly harder than facial loofah.

You can choose either natural or artificial loofah. For artificial or plastic loofah buy a soft one from a renowned brand. Cheap loofahs are made with low-grade materials and may contain chemicals as a form of color that may cause an allergic reaction to your skin.

For natural loofah Egyptian loofah is best. It is soft and made with flexible fibers. It is good for your skin and can be used with any type of shower gel or body wash.

Remember, loofah isn’t so expensive and it is not a years-long usable product. So, the best way to choose the right loofah is to use it one by one from some renowned brands. Then stick to one brand which suits you most.

After picking the right loofah, now step into the shower room and start using the loofah according to my tips.

Wet Your Body Properly

You should not start using the loofah just after standing under the showerhead. Your body needs to wet fully and wait for a couple of minutes to let the dirt and impurities soften.

It is always better to use lukewarm water for bathing when you are going to exfoliate your body. Lukewarm water helps to open up the skin pores and wash away the stubborn impurities easily.

Start Using the Loofah

Now take your loofah and wet it for a couple of minutes if you use a natural loofah. It softens the surface of a natural loofah to make the exfoliation smooth and gentle.

Now pour your favorite body wash or shower gel on the loofah and rub your skin surface with it. If you use a loofah pouf, you should create lather first after pouring the body wash. Just use your hands for this task and you are good to go.

Direction and Intensity of Exfoliation

The universal skin exfoliation direction is circular motion. It helps to remove all the impurities without causing any harm to your skin. It is ok to do up and down exfoliation in your legs and thighs but not on your face and body.

You should use two different types of loofah for the face and body. The skin of your face is delicate than any other part of the body. That’s why it needs a softer loofah. And don’t use a body scrubber to exfoliate your face. Though everyone used to exfoliate face while taking a shower. Use a mild facial cleanser for this purpose. Always be gentle while exfoliating your face.

To exfoliate your body, you need to use a slightly harder one than facial loofah. For a great exfoliation result, you need to maintain different exfoliation options for different parts of the body. You should exfoliate vigorously to the underarms, elbows, knees, and heels. But, don’t do it aggressively, otherwise, it may develop rash and redness.

The Process of Facial Exfoliation

The facial exfoliation while taking shower consists of your face, forehead, neck, and ears. Before doing exfoliation, you need to splash your face 2-3 times with lukewarm water.

Now take your facial loofah, wet it, and pour a dime-size facial cleanser on it. Now start rubbing your cheek gently in a circular motion. Give special focus on and around the skin of your nose. Because this portion is prone to blackheads, whiteheads, and oil build-up.

After that, exfoliate your forehead and other parts of the face. The skin behind the ears has more tendency to dirt build-up, especially in the summer. Exfoliate this portion well until you get a satisfactory result.

Now move down to your neck and exfoliate gently for a minute. This is how you can clean your entire facial parts.

The Processes of Body Exfoliation

There is nothing special to body exfoliation. You need to use another loofah for body exfoliation because it needs a little harder loofah than a facial one. You should start using loofah from your hands and then glide to decollate, chest, and belly.

After exfoliating the upper part of the body, you can now move to the lower body part. Here you need to create a little more pressure while exfoliating legs, thighs, and hips.

You need to keep patience while exfoliating your full body with loofah because it needs little time to complete. But, don’t think you need to do it every day. Once a week is good enough.

What About Your Back

If you want to do a complete body exfoliation, you should not neglect your back. But it is really hard to exfoliate back with hands. You can take your partner’s help for this, though it is not possible for every moment.

Here a loofah with a handle would be a great help for you. With this, you can exfoliate any portion of your back very easily. After finishing the back exfoliation, you have done a complete body exfoliation with the loofah.

Let the Loofah Dry and Store Properly

It is very important to dry your loofah properly and store it in a suitable place to make your next loofah exfoliation meaningful. It is because the wet or damp loofah is a suitable breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. If your loofah is attacked by bacterial it will create various skin problems.

So, dry your loofah properly under the sun and hang it near the bathroom window or in a well-ventilated place. And use a separate loofah for every member of your family to avoid the spreading of contaminated diseases.


How to use a loofah with body wash or shower gel?

It is the easiest way to use a loofah. Just wet your loofah for a couple of minutes to make it soft. Then pour the body wash or shower gel on it and start rubbing on the wet skin. That’s it.

How to use a loofah with bar soap?

Using bar soap with a loofah is a little tricky. You should not use bar soap directly with a loofah. It will get stuck inside the loofah and is very hard to clean. So, to use a loofah with the bar soap, first, rub the soap on your skin and create lather, then use your loofah to exfoliate your skin.

How long can you use a loofah?

It depends on the types and how you clean and disinfects the loofah. Usually, artificial loofah lasts longer than a natural one. But you need to clean it properly to enhance its longevity. Otherwise, it would be a breeding ground for bacteria. You should change your loofah after using a couple of months.

The Last Words

Using loofah is a very easy task if you follow some basic rules. If you know your skin condition, you can exfoliate it well according to its need. Even you don’t need to read a blog post for this.