How to Clean Sheepskin Slippers (Effectively)


Nothing can give such comfort in winter which your feet may get from a pair of sheepskin slippers. Literary it pampers your feet. The warm, soft, and cozy environment give your feet a heavenly feel. It gives that comfort what your feet deserve in cold winter weather. But, the question is do you care about your sheepskin slippers properly?

You should do that. You should care for your sheepskin slipper to increase its lifespan. This will also save you money at the end of the day.

Cleaning is one of the best ways to care for sheepskin slippers. If you keep your slippers clean from dirt, they will serve you in the long run. But, sometimes the cleaning brings negative results if you do it in the wrong way.

Anyway, today I will tell you how to clean sheepskin slippers in the right and easiest way. You will also know how sheepskin slipper gets dirty and how to protect it. Let’s see.

How Sheepskin Slipper Get Dirty

Slippers are mainly two types according to their usages – slippers for indoor use and slippers for outdoor use. Naturally, outdoor slippers have more chances to get dirty. It has to fight snow, rain, soil, mud, and more. On the other hand, indoor slippers are affected by sweat only. To make your sheepskin slippers last long and to keep them protected you should know well how they get dirty. Only then you can use the slippers by making them less dirty. Because slippers are not for rough use. To increase their longevity, you should wear them in the way they should be.

How to Protect Sheepskin Slipper from Being Dirty

If you know well how sheepskin slipper gets dirty, you can protect them from that mess. Let’s focus on the outdoor slippers first. As I already said, outdoor slippers have more chances to get dirty and their outer covering is affected most. So, the best way to protect outdoor sheepskin slippers is by creating a protective layer between the dirt and the outer part of the slipper. Here only a waterproof shoe cover gives you the desirable benefit.

And for indoor slippers, the only countable problem is sweat. Here the safest option is wearing a pair of thin no-show socks. It will keep your slippers safe from sweat attacks. If you are not comfortable with the socks, skip them. Just take the feet out of the slippers for a while. It ensures proper ventilation to vaporize the sweat from the slipper.

I like ARUNNERS Shoe Covers to protect my sheepskin slippers. There are lots of varieties, you can choose any one from them. And for no-show socks, you can check WANDER socks for men and Eedor socks for women on

How to Wash Sheepskin Slippers

Now come to the main point. No matter which protective measure you use, you can not completely protect your slipper from being dirty. That’s why you need to clean your slippers to increase their durability. Here I will discuss two ways of sheepskin slipper cleaning – General Cleaning and Deep Cleaning.

General Cleaning

It is one type of regular cleaning. It doesn’t take much time and once in a month is enough. The most important part is it extends the time between two deep cleaning sessions. Let’s see the procedure step by step.

Step 1: Outer Sole Cleaning

The part which gets dirty most is the outer sole of the slipper. It gets in contacted with the dirty materials first. So, you should clean it at the beginning. To do that, take a small glass bowl and put ½ cup of water and 1 tablespoon of mild detergent or shampoo and mix them well. Now take a small brush with a soft bristle to remove the dirt from your slipper sole. You can use a used toothbrush as well. After rubbing with a brush, use tissue paper to remove lather and dirt residue from the sole. For indoor sheepskin slippers, you can skip this step.

Step 2: Brushing the Outer Covering

Now go for the outer part of the slipper. Here I suggest you go through a simple cleaning process. In this process, you don’t need to submerge your slipper into water. At first, use a shoe cleaning brush and remove all the loose dirt from the slipper’s surface. You can use any type of shoe brush with a soft bristle. Always use the brush in one direction.

Step 3: Cleaning Outer Part

Now take a washcloth and dip it into the cleaning solution. Bring it out and wring slightly to remove excess water. Take a slipper and wipe its upper part carefully. Make sure you cover the entire surface area and focus on those areas where the dirt is visible. After that, wash the washcloth with normal water, wring, and wipe the slipper again to remove the cleaning solution.

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Step 4: Inner Part Cleaning

Sometimes you need to clean inside sheepskin slippers to control odor. If you have a sweaty feet problem, your slippers have more chances to develop a nasty odor. Regular cleaning will give you relief from that situation. It is very simple. Dip the washcloth into normal water and wring it well. Then use it to wipe inside your slipper. It will help to remove the dry sweat remains. Some outdoor sheepskin slippers have separate inner soles. Bring it out and clean it as the way you clean your slipper. Now your slipper is clean completely. Let air dry your slipper to use again. Do this at least once a month.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is necessary when your sheepskin slipper looks horrible because of dirt, spots, mud, etc. Or after winter, when you decide to store your slipper to use in the next season. For deep cleaning, you need to submerge the slippers into the cleaning solution. You can use lukewarm water and mild detergent or shampoo for this purpose. Some people use a washing machine to clean sheepskin slippers. I don’t recommend it anymore even the slipper is tagged as machine washable. It will deform the shape of the slipper. Anyway, the process of deep cleaning is quite different than normal cleaning. Let’s see.

At first, remove the dirt from the sole as I said before. Now take a big bowl and put mild detergent or shampoo in it and stir to mix them well. After that, put the slipper into it and wash them thoroughly with your hands. You can use some shampoo directly on the slipper to clean it well. Clean both inside and outside of the slipper properly. After washing, bring out from the bowl and drip the water, don’t wring.

Now, use tissue paper to blot as much water as you can from inside and outside. Then let it air dry. Don’t put it in the direct sun or near the fireplace. It may ruin the shape of your slipper. It takes one to two days to dry completely. After washing and drying, your slipper may give you a tight feel. Don’t worry, it will be normal within a couple of days. Wash your sheepskin slipper deeply once in two or three months.

Video Guide

This video will help you a lot to understand the cleaning process.

The Last Words

That’s all for today. Hope my work will help you little to clean and care your sheepskin slipper properly. Feel free to knock me if you have any questions regarding sheepskin slippers.

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