Sheepskin Slipper Buying Guide


I believe you worked hard to earn every single buck. And you have the complete right to spend that money in exchange for quality products or services. And it is true for sheepskin slippers as well.

To give proper comfort to your feet in the cold winter sheepskin slippers are unbeatable. It gives your feet warmth, support, and luxurious comfort. But, it is quite pricy. So, you have to be sure you buy the best sheepskin slippers with your hard-earned money.

Today I will tell you what you should consider before buying a sheepskin slipper. If you check them carefully, I tell you for sure you won’t be disappointed. And always listen to your gut feeling before buying anything. Let’s dig deeper.

Sheepskin Slipper Buying Guide

01. Women or Men

Generally, according to gender, sheepskin slippers are available in three types – for women, for men, and unisex. First of all, decide which type you are going to buy. Women’s sheepskin slippers are quite different than men’s. They are comparatively small in size and come with a girly design. The colors of women’s sheepskin slippers are obviously feminine.

On the other hand, sheepskin slippers for men are bigger in size and look quite harsh like men. There are a variety of colors available to choose from except girlish. The linings of men’s shippers are sewed up strongly as if they could bear the pressure of men’s weight.

The unisex slippers are a mixing of these two types. If you are a couple and want to buy the same design for each, go for a unisex sheepskin slipper. Or it would be a nice idea to gift a unisex sheepskin slipper to your parents in the winter.

Besides all these, there are also various sheepskin slippers for kids with a lovely and cute design. Now decide which one you would buy.

02. Brands

It is very important to choose the right brand while buying your sheepskin slipper. Usually, a good brand gives you the surety about the better quality of a product. Sheepskin slippers are quite costly than others. But, you know quality product ensures quality services. And it is not wise to spend your hard-earned money on a low-quality sheepskin slipper.

There are lots of sheepskin brands available in the market. Among them, my favorite brands are UGG, Overland, Bear Paw, Old Friend, Dream Pairs, Tamarac, ACORN, Lamo, Woolworks, and Qwaruba Flamingo. You can choose your favorite one from their collections. These are well-established brands in the sheepskin industry for a long time and they built the trust of quality among their users. You can rely on their sheepskin slippers with closed eyes. The price of these brands is ranging from $50 to $100.

03. Sheepskin Types

Don’t think all sheepskin slippers are made from the same sheep breed. Sheepskins are different according to the origin and geographic location of sheep and lambs. And the quality, look, density, and softness are quite different from each other. It happens because of the weather of that specific area, genetic factors, and the food habit of the sheep. Besides origin, the quality of sheepskins depends on how they are processed.

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Among sheepskin slippers, Australian sheepskin is in the top position. It is soft and highly comfortable. And its popularity increases day by day. Some other types of sheepskin are Icelandic sheepskin, Mongolian lambskin, Persian sheepskin, and Tibetan lambswool. Though, most of the time sheepskin type isn’t mentioned by the brands except Australian sheepskin. If you are looking for top quality sheepskin slipper, buy the Australian one. Other types are also good to go.

04. Size and Type

There are a variety of slipper sizes available for kids to adults. For toddlers or kids, you should choose the slipper size according to their age. And for teens and adults, you should buy according to the size of the feet. Buy a slipper as if it neither be too tight nor loose.

Besides size, you will find various types of sheepskin slippers. And these types depend on various criteria. For indoor use, the slip-on slipper is always better. Usually, indoor slip-on slippers come with a soft sole. But you will also find some indoor slippers with a hard sole. Which one you should use depends on your own preference.

You can also get an ankle boot sheepskin slipper. It is a closed-back slipper to give comfort to your entire feet. This slipper is mainly used for outdoor purposes and usually comes with a hard sole to serve that purpose. And the variation in sheepskin slipper design is countless and gets updated day by day. You should choose the latest design to go with the trend.

05. Color

The variation in sheepskin slipper colors is really colorful. You will get various color combinations in different brands. But I suggest you pick the sheepskin slipper with natural color. The natural sheepskin color is ranging from white to gray to brown. For ladies, I like lighter colors like white or off-white and darker color for men. But, you are the best judge for your choice.

06. Comfort and Warmth

I think it is the main purpose of buying a sheepskin slipper. All sheepskin slippers are good at it. It provides a soft cozy feeling and enjoyable warmth in the winter. But, you should pick the right sheepskin slipper to get maximum from it. Make sure your slipper has better cushioning with medium-length fur. And the density of the fur must be higher.

Among all sheepskin slippers, the Australian slipper is quite comfortable. Australian sheepskin has a high wool density compared to others. It is also soft and plush. The easiest way to get a comfortable and high-quality sheepskin slipper is by buying one from a renowned brand.

07. Washing Method

Like all footwear, sheepskin slippers also get dirty. And you need to wash them for long-time use. Before purchasing a sheepskin slipper, be sure which washing process you have to use to clean the sheepskin slipper. If your slipper requires dry wash then it costs extra. Some slippers are tagged as machine washable. In this case, my opinion is, manual washing with the hand is far better for the health of your valuable sheepskin slipper.

08. User Reviews and Price

It is very important to consider user reviews if you want to buy sheepskin slippers online. User reviews can give you a clear idea about a product either it is worthy or not. Evaluate both positive and negative reviews and finally buy one which gets huge positive feedback from a large number of users.

You can find sheepskin slippers from $30 to $100. But, the price of branded slippers is ranging from $50-$100. And, as a wise person, you should not compromise the quality with a low price. If you want my opinion, I suggest you buy one which is above $70. I hope you will get the best quality at this price.

The Last Words

That’s all for today. Hope this buying guide helps to get the right sheepskin slippers for your feet. If you know well what makes a sheepskin slipper worthy, you can pick the right one. And, always remember the proverbs, “safe bind, safe find”.