How to Grow African American Beard

Definitely the look of a man with a beard and without a beard is different. Every man has the liberty to choose the look in which he looks attractive.

In my point of view, an African American man with a beard definitely looks better than the clean shaved man. So, if you want to grow a beard, welcome to this post.

In this post you will know what to do to grow African American beard. I tried to make it simple so that you can grow your beard without any hassle. You just need a strong determination and simple caring intension.

Let’s dig deeper.


You might wonder what types of preparation is required before starting to grow African American beard. It is nothing special. You just need to make sure that you are determined to grow your beard.

Generally, it takes 4-6 weeks to grow a beard. In this period of time, you may face some problems if you are going to attending a party or a special occasion. That’s why it is better to grow a beard during a vacation. Then nothing will hamper your beard growing process.

A bearded man should own a beard grooming kit. It helps to take care of your beard easily at home. A beard grooming kit includes beard oil, beard balm, brush, scissors, comb, etc.

But you don’t need to buy everything at the beginning. Before growing beard, make sure you have a sharp scissor and a comb. Other things you should arrange when required.

Remember, beyond everything your determination is the key to the beard growing success.


Does it sound wrong? Are you thinking I am mad? Please let me clear.

Shaving is very important when you are determined to grow a beard. Because to reach your destination successfully and smoothly, you need to start from level zero. And shaving is that level.

Shaving helps to grow a fully new set of beards. If you have any skin problem on the face, you can detect and cure that easily before growing the beard. Because you have almost nothing to do once you have started growing beard and noticed skin problems after one or two weeks.

The facial skin of black and African American man is prone to inflammation. If you have the problem, cure it first, then go for the beard.

You may face ingrown hair and cyst problems while growing a beard. And most of the time it happens due to the wrong shaving direction. Always shave to the direction of your beard. If you draw the razor in the opposite direction, it will result in razor bump and ingrown hair. Be very careful at this point.

So, do a perfect shave before you are going to step on a new stage, a bearded man with manly look.

Give a Deep Focus at the First Week

Hope everything is OK and you are fully fit to grow a beard. In the first week your beard starts growing like sprouts. With the beard some problems like ingrown hair and the tiny cysts may pop-up.

That’s why you need to focus carefully on the first week. If there are one or two ingrown beards, you shouldn’t worry about that. You are super fine to go.

But, if you notice lots of ingrown beard with cysts, do you know what to do?

Please stop there and go to a beard specialist ASAP. Follow his direction to solve the problem then start again with full energy.

Never ever think of picking ingrown beard. It will develop scar on your facial skin and ruin your look completely.

Diet and Exercise

As you are going to grow a beard, obviously you are an adult or at least a young adult. To reach this stage definitely you required foods and nutrition.

Don’t think of your beard is different from this. Like you, your beard requires nutrients to grow. And you should give it if you want to have a healthy beard.

So, with growing the beard focus on your diet as well.

Don’t worry, you won’t need a special diet for your beard. Just put lots of vegetables and fruits in it and avoid junk foods. Vitamin A and E are good for hair and beard. Try to add them to your diet.

And Drink lots of water every day.

We know exercise plays an important role in good health. It helps us to stay strong against all odds.

Besides, exercise does some benefits to our hair and beard as well. When you do exercise it will increase the blood flow in our body.

This blood carries more nutrients and oxygen to every body parts including the hair follicles. And the nutrient-rich follicles help to grow your beard fast.

So, 30 minutes of exercise every day will increase the health of your beard along with your body.

Week by Week Growth Evaluation

Sorry, there is no standard beard meter by which you can measure your beard growth week by week. You just need to check the growth of your beard manually. It helps to decide which type of care you should give to the beard.

At week one, generally you have nothing to do except checking there are any ingrown hair or cyst on your face.

When your beard reaches to the second and third week, it gets some length. In this situation, you will feel itching on your facial skin. Don’t worry, it is normal, everybody has to face it. And like everyone you have to bear it.

Don’t be panicked, it will be gone within a few days when your beard gets more length.

At 4-6 week, your beard will get a nice length. Now you can go to a beard stylist and trim to get the look you want. Or, if you want to get more length wait for another few weeks.

Arrange a Beard Grooming Kit

It is not cost effective and wise to go to beard stylist for very simple task. Here a beard grooming kit will give you a total solution. It has almost everything to care your beard.

Generally, a beard grooming kit includes beard wash and conditioner, beard oil, balm, scissor, brush, comb, styling templet, beard apron, etc. There are lots of renowned brands out in the market from which you can pick the beard grooming kit.

Are you confused? You can check my review of the best beard kit for African American Beard.

Care Your Beard Regularly

Remember, it is not possible to get a healthy and shiny beard without proper care. And you should care your beard step by step. It includes-

  • Regular washing and conditioning.
  • Proper moisturization.
  • Care of facial skin.
  • Trimming.
  • Using good quality products.
  • Eating beard friendly foods.
  • Drinking enough water.
  • Exercise.
  • And consulting with a specialist at least once in a couple of months.

If you want to know details, check my latest post about African American beard care tips.

Trim Timely

Trimming has a very important task in a beard care routine. Though it doesn’t have any direct correlation in beard growth. Your beard gets nutrients and growth signals from follicles and trimming has no effect on that.

But, why I said you to do that? It is because one of the best and easiest way to get rid of split edge is trimming. It also gives your beard a stronger appearance.

Trimming is great for styling and helps to hold the beard in the place you want. So you should make a regular routine of trimming while growing a beard.

To trim beard you should use a sharp scissor or trimmer. If you use a blunt tool, it will damage your beard rather than doing good.

Split-edge Care

Split edge is a common problem of hair and beard. It ruins the health and looks of your beard whether you leave it without doing anything.

Split-edge may appear due to various reasons. It includes malnutrition, use of harsh products, trimming with an unsharp trimmer, excessive styling, etc.

You can prevent it by providing proper care to your beard. Unfortunately, if it appears, there is nothing to do but cut down the affected portion of your beard and hair.

The Last Words

Hope you understand, growing beard isn’t a hard task. Just focus on your regular beard care routine and follow the procedure mentioned above.

Wish you a nice Bearded look.