How to Use Charcoal Soap Properly

The trend of using charcoal soap is increasing day by day. It happens due to its huge positive benefits. Unlike charcoal powder or supplement, it shows almost no side effects on the skin.

However, the effectiveness of charcoal soap depends on how you use it to clean your body and face. Generally, you can use an activated charcoal soap as your regular soap. The only difference of using activated charcoal soap is its application time and frequency.

Usually, we don’t use bar soap on the face. But, activated charcoal soap is opposite to it. You can use it to clean your face as well. Just you need to know the proper way of cleansing.

Today I will tell you how to use activated charcoal soap to get the highest benefits. Let see.

Choose the Right Activated Charcoal Soap

It is very important to choose the right charcoal soap to get its exact benefits. Activated charcoal is prepared in a controlled process. If the process isn’t controlled properly and a manufacturer used that activated charcoal to prepare the charcoal soap, you won’t get a satisfactory result from that soap.

Unfortunately, as a user, you have no option to examine the quality of activated charcoal soap at your home.

In that case, if you buy soap directly from a shop, try activated charcoal soap from different brands, and stick to that soap which suits best with your skin. Or if you buy online like, go through the user reviews to make an idea about the quality of that charcoal soap.

Here I reviewed some activated charcoal soaps to find the best one. This might help you.

Additionally, besides activated charcoal, you should have a look at other ingredients of that soap. If everything is ok for your skin, just buy and use it.

How to Use Charcoal Soap Bar on Face

Check the Soap First

Usually, activated charcoal soap is made with finely powdered charcoal. But, sometimes there could some rough and comparatively bigger particles remain in the soap.

Unfortunately, if you bought that soap, it could scratch your facial skin. To avoid this, stop using charcoal soap directly on your face. Rub the wet soap in-between your hand palms, and then apply it on your face. Hopefully, it will keep your facial skin safe from any possible damages.

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Wet Face with Warm Water

It is the universal routine before washing the face. Warm water helps the cleansing process by opening up the skin pores. It also softens the dirt of your facial skin for easy cleaning. Just splash warm water on your face two to three times.

Use Charcoal Soap on Face

Wet the soap first and rub with your hands to create lather. Now apply it on your face and start massaging with hand palm in a circular motion. Keep the focus on T-zone because this area is prone to oiliness than any other part of the face.

Continue the process for 2-3 minutes and make sure you covered your entire face.  For dry skin limit the washing time to 30-60 seconds. And avoid eye contact by any means. Otherwise, it could create an unpleasant situation.

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After finishing the cleansing wash off your face with warm water and pat to dry with a washcloth. Always apply your favorite moisturizer after cleansing the face.

How to Use Charcoal Soap on Body

Charcoal soap is great for washing the body also. It removes stubborn dirt through gentle exfoliation. Besides, it also purifies skin through detoxification. Using activated charcoal soap for cleansing the body is very easy, just like your regular soap.

First, wet your body with warm water for a minute. It will make your cleaning process easier.

Now rub the wet activated charcoal soap on your body and make lather with hands. After rubbing for a minute to your entire body, start exfoliating with the help of your hands. It will let the charcoal particles to remove dirt and impurities deep from the pores.

Keep the special focus on some parts prone to odor and germ build-ups like the underarms, neck, and groin area.

After covering all body parts wash off with plain water. And finally, take a 5 second cold water bath to shrink the pores. Use a towel to pat dry your body and follow your regular moisturizer.

How Often Should You Use Charcoal Soap

There is no hard & fast rule for using activated charcoal soap. It depends on your skin type and how your skin reacts with charcoal.

For normal and oily skin, you can use charcoal soap every day. But, for dry skin, you should cut the frequency 2-3 times a week. Otherwise, it will make your skin overdry.

My suggestion is to try to listen to what your skin says. If it ok with everyday cleansing, keep it continue. Otherwise do some trial and error testing to find out a suitable routine for your skin.

And you will find it very easily.

The Last Words

Charcoal soap is very much beneficial for cleansing the skin. Just use it in the right way and you will see the difference within a short period.